Escorts and Oral Sex

One of the main services that men want to receive when booking a London escort is oral. There are many different variations and each of the beautiful escorts has her own unique way of teasing your penis with her tongue.

No longer do you have to force or beg your partner for a blow job. Just call on one of the London escorts who will be more than happy to come and fulfill your needs. By asking for an open minded escort you can get more than a standard service. Here are some of the extras that they may provide.

Oral without. This is a regular blow job, with all the licking, sucking and caressing, just without the use of a condom. Sometimes the feeling of being restricted by the latex can make your penis less sensitive. You want to be able to feel every touch and the wetness of her tongue as she works her magic.

CIM. This is where you are allowed to climax right into the ladies mouth, spurting your juices all over her sweet face. This is the ultimate fantasy for gentlemen and something their wives or partners would never allow them to do. The London escorts love the sweet taste of spunk, and it looks so damn sexy when you see it dripping from her chin.

Ask for a London escort who specializes in deep throat. Feel her take the whole of your penis in her mouth and down her throat until she gags. If you have an especially large penis, you may not want to push her head down with too much force, as you don't want her to actually choke. Ask her if she thinks she will be able to take all of it. Get her to put your balls in her mouth and gently nibble them while stroking your penis. This feels amazing.

Book one of the Thai escorts and ask her for a hot water blow job. This is a wonderful Asian tradition. The lady will drink a mouthful of warm water, being careful not to swallow it. She will then put her mouth around your penis without spilling a drop, and allow the water to swish around your penis and her mouth. The feeling of the warmth combined with the sucking and spitting action from your Thai escort will definitely have you begging for more. It is an unusual yet sensual experience, definitely not to be missed.

Alternatively ask to see one of the Brazilian escorts who love playing with ice cubes to cool things down in a hot and steamy session. They do pretty much the same as the Thai escorts except they use an ice cube. The shock of the cold on your penis will leave it tingling and sensitive. As the ice cube melts the cold water will trickle down to your balls and take your breath away. You will absolutely love it.

So with such a variety of oral experiences available, book one of the London escorts today for a completely satisfying experience.