Escorts are people too

When planning a date with the escorts, men need to remember that they are planning a date with a human not a robot. You need to be realistic with the goals that you set for your date, because you don't want a situation where the escorts in London feel misused. Remember, even though you are booking her, it is for enjoyment that should be shared between the two of you. Here are a few mistakes that men make when it comes to escorts:

They don't give them the opportunity to clean up afterwards. If you are afraid that the escort in London will steal something from your bathroom then you've booked escorts from the wrong agency. After all of that romping, you can tend to feel in need of a nice shower, and a good host will ensure that there are towels in place as well as shower gel for her to use.

They don't provide anything to eat or drink. While you may be set on just having sex with the escorts in London, it would also be nice to wine and dine her as well. Booking an escort is an extension of dating and if you don't give your date a great first impression, then she may not be too eager to say yes to a second date.

They don't tip. If you have had great service, whether it be at a hotel, a bar or even with the escorts, it is always a nice gesture to leave a tip. Think about anywhere you have been and you did not leave a tip but you went back, how did you find the service to be? They are usually friendly and they treat you just like anyone else.

Now think about a place where you did leave a tip and then you went back. How was the service then? People will usually go out of their way to please you and make sure that you are well taken care of. This is the same with escorts in London, the bigger the tip the better the service.

They don't freshen up before meeting the escorts. Sex is very intimate, and unless you have been married for over ten years, you should at least have the courtesy to make yourself presentable. Just because you are booking her, it does not mean that she has to accept you as you are. Imagine the scenario the other way round, would you appreciate that? - Of course not! Just bear in mind that though you may be booking her, if you want the very best service, then you should make sure you are as fresh as you can be when she arrives.

Your experience with the escorts in London can be very successful if you take the time to plan it. It's just like planning for a date - great food, drink, music and company equals great sex. Don't ever think for one second that it's all up to the escorts to make your night a great hit, whilst they are professionals at what they do, the attitude of the client is what really seals the deal.

So remember, the better you treat her, the more valuable you'll become. The more valuable you become, means the better the relationship that you will have which will always lead to better sex. So think about the process and then act accordingly.