Escorts on Social Networks

Escort services can be very lucrative, depending on how well the escort or escort agency has been advertised. With current advancements in technology, there are very many ways an agency can advertise its services to potential clients. Of late, newer methods of advertising have included social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This has proven to be a very resourceful way of turning a name from a small website to a popular and booming business and a unique and easy way for that matter. If you are thinking of contacting an escort agency, there are a number of fun pages on different social networking sites and blogs on the Internet as well as their websites.

The biggest advantage of advertising services on these platforms is the ability to reach as many people as possible with the least effort. Facebook appeals to most people. In recent years, Facebook has seen a high increase in the number of London escorts that have created fun pages on the site. In other words, Facebook gives its users a single alternative to all these networking sites. This is actually the reason why Facebook has experienced an explosive growth.

On Twitter's side, it seems to stand at the spot where blogging, instant messaging and emailing cross each other. Though its usefulness is not as readily available as that of Facebook, it can get very addictive once you get the hang of it. Twitter is usually more for professional users and thus has great business usage. It has more of a linking usage and can link to many search engines. It is another way for searching for people and content on the Internet. Twitter has created a niche for itself especially with technology lovers, bloggers, business people and online marketers.

Facebook and Twitter are currently the world’s most popular social networking sites. They boast more than 400 million (and rising) users. On a daily basis, more than half this figure visit their accounts on a daily basis. Depending on the individual, the number of friends on an account may vary, however, statistics show that the average user has around 130 friends on their profile. This shows you the effectiveness of using these sites for advertising. Similarly, according to statistics, the average user sends out 8 friend requests every month although there has not been an actual figure on the number of requests that they may send or receive. With such a vast network of friends, groups and many other utilities, London escorts and other such services are well aware of the power of advertising using social networks.