Escorts are for Women Too

Many people think that escorts are only for men but that’s not the case. Women enjoy having their fantasies played out just as much as men or even more. This is where we, the escorts, come into play.

Jessie was a bit shorter than I. She wore a red knee length dress that hugged her curves. Her hair hung loose against her back and she wore very little makeup. I got the room key and we headed up in silence. We entered the room and placed our belonging on the chair closest to the door. I approached her slowly and passed my finger along her heart shaped face. I pulled her in and began to kiss her.

I slowly parted her lips and she eagerly accepted the invitation. We stood there a bit just kissing enjoying the foreplay as we used our teeth and lips to entice each other. I took her hand and moved her to the bed where we sat. Jessie took the initiative and moved her hand along my back while I planted my hands around her neck. She rubbed the tip of my ass and I moaned.

I moved my hands to the strap of her dress and left a line of kissed from her neck to her shoulder. I pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and it fell on her arms. Her red laced bra was peeking out from under her dress. I pushed the dress down to reveal her full breasts. I passed my thumb against her nipples and she moaned softly.

“Why don’t you take the dress off?” I watched as she shyly took off the dress then she joined me back on the bed. It wasn’t long before both our dresses and underwear were in a pile on the floor. I climbed on top of Jessie pushing her gently into the bed. I planted kisses between her breasts and moved further down her body. I stopped right above her pussy then continued down each of her legs then back up again once capturing her mouth with mine.

I moved my lips to her breasts and lingered on them. Taking each nipple between my teeth and pulling at the gently. I opened my mouth as far as I can over her breasts and allowed my tongue to flick over her nipples while my hot breath blew on her.

Jessie’s moans were growing louder and her hands were becoming more frantic over my body. I moved down her body admiring her dripping pussy. I opened her legs to get a better look before licking her pussy juices. My tongue touched her clit lightly, circling it. Her hips began moving with excitement and I tried to hold her in place as I then used my tongue to fuck her pussy.

I could hear her panting as I added two of my fingers to her pussy and my thumb on her clit pressing hard. I stretched my hand to pinch and squeeze her nipples to which she squealed in pleasure. One of her hands found my hand and she pressed into it entangling her fingers with mine as it entered her pussy.

I looked up at her. Her back was arched and her fingers were locked between the sheets. I stopped and I heard her sigh heavily.

I pulled her hand to her pussy and Jessie watched me questioning my motive.

“I want to see you please yourself, baby,” I said softly.

I looked on as she found her sweet spot. I watched as her finger went in and out and her fingers glistened with the moisture from her pussy. I also opened my legs and found my sweet spot. Her moaning triggered my own responses to my body and I could feel my climax near. Our fingered hastened back and forth into our pussies and within fifteen minutes we had climaxed and we were both laying on the bed sweaty and panting.

Before I was able to catch myself to get back to the job Jessie was on top of me. Her kisses were now desperate but energized. Her hands were pressed against my breasts, tugging and sucking. She switched between her hands and her mouth and it was driving me crazy. I was extremely excited as I watched Jessie’s head move until it rested between my legs.

I moaned as I felt Jessie part my throbbing pussy lips. I could feel another orgasm slowly rising. Her finger slid up and down my crease before entering me slowly. She started at a steady pace then shortly sped it up. Now she was thrashing my pussy with her finger and I enjoying it. I stopped Jessie for a moment then positioned her into a 69 position.

I licked up the juices that were gushing out of Jessie before fucking her with my finger and my tongue. Moan for moan and touch or touch. We were both wiggling on each other so much so that is was hard to keep our grips on our sweaty bodies. We both released our orgasms together and we fell over on the bed panting once more from the pleasure that we both gave each other.

“Thank you,” Jessie mumbled.

I nodded and gathered my things and headed to the bathroom. My phone rang and I answered.

“Hey Monique, I have a new client for you are you free?”

“Yes I just finished up.” I said as I stepped into the shower.

“Ok great. Here are the details…”

As I walked out of the bathroom I notice that Jessie had already left. She left a thank you note which also said that she wanted to see me again. I enjoy my job and making people come alive again; to play out fantasies that some people on dream of. Life is more than just getting up and doing the same routine. It’s about living life to the fullest and for me having as much sex as possible while doing it.