Escorts in Your Work Place

Working long hours can be very stressful and sometimes by the time you get home in the evening all you have time to do is grab something to eat and go to bed. Do you ever sit at your desk trying to finish a report but secretly fantasize about having a beautiful Chelsea escort under your desk working her magic? Well you can! You can have a lady visit you at your office and turn these fantasies into reality.

As long as your workplace is clean, warm and comfortable the Chelsea escorts won't mind coming to see you here. They often visit stock brokers, estate agents and solicitors who want some naughty fun without having to go home or book a hotel.

Make sure that all of your colleagues have gone home and that you won't be disturbed. There could be some very red faces around the photo copier on Monday morning if someone was to walk in on you with your trousers round your ankles!

Make sure that your Chelsea escort can easily get into the building. Give her any codes she may need or meet her outside so that she is not left hanging around waiting for you to let her in. Offer her a drink when she arrives and make sure she has somewhere she can sit down. You want her to feel relaxed so make sure she knows that everyone else has gone home. Although there is a thrill about the thought of getting caught out, you don't want her to feel on edge.

Start kissing your Chelsea escort either in the lift or on your way to your office. Build up the sexual tension by running your hand up her thigh and under her skirt. You may want to indulge in a little role play where she becomes the boss or the secretary. Discuss this with her before she arrives so that she can get into character if necessary.

Sit back in your leather chair and ask her for some oral. You can really relax and forget about work for the time being. Put all those commitments and deadlines to the back of your mind while you receive some personal pleasure.

Clear everything off your desk so that you can ask her to sit on it. Sit back in your chair and ask her to open her legs. You will get an excellent view from here or will be at a great angle to kiss between her thighs. When she is on the brink of an orgasm, you can bend her over your once organized desk and penetrate her from behind until you can't hold out any more.

When you have finished make sure that your Chelsea escort has somewhere that she can go and get cleaned up. Check that there is plenty of toilet roll and hot water in the sinks before she arrives. Escort her out of the building as you don't want her to get lost and end up having to ask the security for directions back to the car park.

Make sure that you clean up any mess that you have made, you don't want to appear unprofessional to colleagues. The night may be over but every time you look at your desk you will be reminded of the naughty little evening you spent with the Chelsea escort.