Extra Services Welcome

Any services offered by the London escorts are purely at their discretion. They have the right to decline if they feel uncomfortable or do not wish to do what you are asking. If a lady tells you on the phone that she is happy to provide a certain service she can change her mind once she has met you. This could be for a number of reasons, usually related to your hygiene. If you have bad breath, and have not brushed your teeth she will not want to engage in passionate kissing. Maybe you asked her for oral sex without a condom, but if you haven't washed properly she will not want to kiss and lick your penis.

When browsing through the galleries on the website, you will no doubt see many beautiful London escorts. With something for everyone and guaranteed real pictures of the ladies, the choice may be a little overwhelming! Diamond Escorts have the best selection of kinky escorts so you are sure to find what you are looking for. You may base your decision on how the lady looks, perhaps you have always fancied a busty blonde escort or an oriental escort, or it may be it's the services that the lady has to offer that helps you make your choice. Most ladies have a list of services that they are prepared to offer, so you can see how open minded she is and what you are able to request from her.

The services will often be abbreviated and this can be a bit confusing if you are not familiar with them. Common ones are GFE, which means girlfriend experience, which is great if you are looking for kisses and cuddles from your London escort. Another is OWO. This stands for oral without (a condom). FK is the art of French kissing, deep and passionately, and WS better known as watersports, is where you and your London escort urinate on each other, for all of you who like something kinky!

If there are specific services that you are looking for which don't seem to feature as an abbreviation anywhere, then ask the receptionist when making your booking. Don't be shy or embarrassed. They have heard it all before and are not easily shocked. They may not be able to discuss the London escorts services in depth, but they can certainly recommend a more open minded lady who can call you direct. Be specific about what you are looking for in order to find the perfect companion.

Do not book a lady who doesn't offer the services you are looking for, hoping that she will change her mind when she arrives, or that you will be able to talk her into it. This could result in the escort leaving and you would be liable for cancellation fees. You don't want to be in an embarrassing or uncomfortable position.

Respect your London escort. We all have limits and boundaries and these ladies do too. Just because you are paying doesn't mean you can do whatever you like. Discuss with her first how far she is prepared to go and there won't be any issues. Call Diamond Escorts today for an unforgettable experience.