How Facebook Drives your Woman Crazy

Is the invention of Facebook a surprise or a demise? With over 6 million users all over the world, this social networking site has not even once admitted that it has created and damaged several relationships in the course of a status update. Yes, that's right, I have seen so many couples hit the crash and burn stage because of a single, unwittingly and unsolicited status update from either of their profiles. Its as if the update had everything to do with their differences, especially nowadays that technology has greatly affected the way we handle our relationships.

But with more and more cases of relationship mishaps, somehow, somewhere, some men still don't get the damage that Facebook can inflict on their personal relationships and what it does to a crazy woman.

And while the social network system allows you to reconnect to even the longest-lost friends you had back in school and catch up with your friends over chat instead of long hours on the phone, this tool has its dark side as well. And it involves crazed women who are trained at creating, manipulating and controlling every relationship they have, one status update at a time.

So to find out if your woman is as crazy as you suspect she might be, here are some things that obsessed women do with Facebook:

Fake Profiles- this may not come as a surprise to you that women have a thing for exes- they don't really blend well with each other. Like oil and water, women will never be able to rest their opinions about your exes and what's worse is that for the obsessed woman, Facebook might be her best option in hunting them down and making sure that none of them come near you. Now that's creepy!

Photo Manipulation- if you think hunting down your exes was bad enough, think again. With Facebook, women have the power to post compromising and embarrassing photos of anyone who gets on their bad side. And we all know how that turns out the minute one of your friends sees it online.

Passive-Aggressive Status Updates- Facebook is notorious for its up to the minute status updates from everyone subscribed to the network. And this means that women take advantage of the fact that despite it being a public web space, status updates are highly personal by nature, and they use it to their advantage to setup an emotional attack on anyone they don't like.

At the end of the day, Facebook aims to bring together people not break them, but with crazed women who are always on the lookout to be one up on the Enfield escort you previously dated, there's always going to be scheming and manipulating until she gets what she wants.