Facts About Escorts

There is little that goes around about escorts and escort agencies, but every once in a while, we get to hear a bit of what goes on in the industry. Just like any other business, the escort business has its own share of complications, good times, advantages and disadvantages. However, due to the nature of privacy that escorts prefer to keep, it is quite hard to get some of the gossip that goes on within the walls of this industry.

As stated earlier, Privacy is an issue with escorts. This is on the basis of what society would take them to be if at all they acted out openly. Many times in the past and still to date, escorts have been taken to be on the same line of duty as prostitutes. This is an assumption that must be dropped. Escorts charge for their time and company while prostitutes on the other hand charge for their bodies.

London escorts a testament to the fact that the escort industry is a booming business and some lucky escorts may make a small fortune within a short period of time. Jealousy is a common trait amongst women and you can guess what happens after that. Similarly, it is no doubt that in the UK, white English girls make up the most preferred group of escorts. They are the most in demand and so sometimes can pose a threat to Black and Asian escorts. The past few years has seen the latter come together and form some specialist agencies. At the end of the day, the best London escorts who give the best service no matter what their nationality.

One common story in Asian countries is the drugging of male clients every now in and then, and stealing their money, wallets and other valuables. This is one act that has caused the unlicensed escort businesses in Asia and the Far East to slow down. Luckily, using a licenced and legal agency stops this from being a problem and guarantees that the client will have a safe visit and a first class service if in these countries, same as with London escorts.