Is she faking or is that the real deal

You think she’s faking the orgasm? She probably is. Do you care? You better had care. Women tend to fake orgasms a lot more than men. Why is that? Let’s find out the reason.

Research shows that this occurs because a woman plays less with her body and she may not know what turns her on from what doesn’t. Because this occurs a women are afraid to let their partners know that they are not fully pleased.

As a woman if you don’t understand your own body then you may take a while longer to reach climax than your partner. This too frustrates women because she doesn’t want him to get bored trying to get her to reach and orgasm.

When it comes to sex a woman protects her man’s ego by allowing him to feel that he is doing a great job even though she feels like crap. She wants to tell you how she feels but she may feel a little embarrassed to just pull the conversation out of thin air. Here is where you she needs a little help. Bring out the wine and some candles and just set the mood. This will open her up, no not like that, and she will be able to discuss some of her issues with you. Just remember to keep the wine glass full as it also helps her to be calm.

Some women need more than just penetration to have an orgasm. Others may need to be stimulated through the clitoris or with the use of toys. This should be a fun experiment for the two of you. Let her know how much you want to see her climax and how much you want to please her no matter how long it takes. You may even want to set aside a day for her alone, just to please her. I’m sure she would really like that as much as the London escort did.

Open communication in any relationship helps when a problem arises and the fact that your woman or your London escort can’t reach an orgasm is a very big problem which means that sex right now is only pleasing you. Due to the frustration of wanting to achieve an orgasm but can’t can turn some women off of sex. She thinks that if I can’t enjoys sex and climax why even bother?

Just remember to try different and new things during sex to keep the spark alive as well as to help your girlfriend find her likes and dislikes when it comes to sex.