Do You Fall in Love Easily?

The eternal question of who falls in love faster hasn't been resolved yet, but a lot of men are claiming that they do fall in love easily especially if a girl fits everything they have on the bill.However, this doesn't mean though that men are more susceptible to love at first sight.

In fact, on the contrary, while men fall easily in love, they almost never have fallen in love at first sight. Why? Well, blame it on the hot woman you meet at a bar, thinking that she's just like the Essex escorts you take home every night. Educated, well-mannered, stylish and witty. Whoever thought you'd fall for that kind?

Now this news may not come as a surprise to you anymore, but one of the reasons why men fall easily in love is because we are visual creatures. We are pleased by anything that our eyes deem beautiful, we are aroused by the mere sight of women, and we fall in love head over heels with a woman who shows us not only her body but bares her soul for all to see.

But for some men, having a pretty face, a smoking hot body and some killer moves don't necessarily make up a good girlfriend. Just like women, we too, have our own set of requirements or as women call it, a checklist. But with men, we can probably say that there are only 3 things that a man looks for in a woman aside from a body that resembles that of Angelina Jolie and a face that launches a thousand other sperm cells. And here, we bare it all. We list the top three indicators that the woman were seeing now could possibly lead to something greater in the future.

First on the list isn't the hot woman, its the woman you can have fun with. You know how sometimes women are either of the two, they can be sizzling hot at one day and extremely fun loving the next. That's exactly, how we know if were off to a good start. If we are not afraid to be ourselves around her and she's making us comfortable without losing the fun in the relationship, then she's definitely a keeper.

And what could be more fun than a woman who can drink beer at least. Most successful relationships last not because they have awesome sex, but because the woman knows how to ride the man's ego. And yes, drinking beer with your girl is probably one of the more erotic things you can do together, after all, she's going home with you and you can go do a home run on her after.

But perhaps the best way to tell if your relationship will last is if the girl you're dating now has or is getting a college degree. Why? We all know how educated women rank up to those who aren't, they're not just beautiful, they've got brains to boot too. And what's sexier than a woman who can stimulate you intellectually and fire up your sexual drive in bed. After all, prime meat deserves another prime of another kind.