Feeding Your Fantasies with a Hertfordshire Escort

I answered the doorbell and it was Sophie, my new lady starting work with me today, she looked anxious as most newbies are, I welcomed her and introduced her to the ladies. This is Sophie girls and Sophie meet Emma, Louise, Chloe and Phoebe. Welcome to the team the others chorused. There was no real induction needed, Sophie knew what the job requirement were, in fact they were very basic, she was to feed any client that came in to her cubicle when she was on duty.

After a brief tour of the facilities and staff room I showed Sophie her cubicle which would be hers, each had different themes and feels. One was very clinical and Spartan, another like a nursery, another was erotica red and black, one quite bland like a chain hotel room and finally and S&M one. Louise the Goth always worked the S&M one and it took a more experienced girl to work the more extreme ones. I had already picked the bland one for Sophies first day.

The girls knew the primary object was to feed the client, there was no penetrative sex as that defeated the object and we wouldnt be catering to a niche market. However the girls were entitled to touch the client if it was welcomed and visa versa, both were entitled to come if they so wished. I made sure Sophie had a regular customer, a customer who knew what to expect but wasnt going to be difficult to handle. Once we had established the day diary the other girls took up their cubicles.

As with all new girls on their first day I wanted to examine Sophies big pendulous breasts, even without milk I could see she was well endowed and now those big veiny tits where pushing through the thin flimsy fabric of her blouse. I had already seen them at interview stage but today they looked even more delicious. Huge nipples that grew even larger when exposed to air. Sophie winced it appeared the cold air was pulling them so taut they hurt her. Hell I could feel dampness in my pussy seeing this; I certainly would be watching her on camera with her clients. I had grown more accustomed to the other girls so didnt always get the same wet glow in my pussy these days.

Within seconds the bell went and John was at the desk, this was Sophies first ever client, I welcomed him in and set up behind camera number 3. I could see she was timid and nervous and I could see John getting more turned on so early than usual. This was the first time I presented him with a fresh new girl and he seemed to relish her reluctance. He reached across popping some buttons off her top; she looked alarmed but took it in her stride. She welcomed him into her lap and latched him on to her breasts. The relief and satisfaction on her face as her let down reflex kicked in as he suckled her. I could see her other breast full and beginning to leak, it took me all my strength not to go in and empty that breast.

Once he had drained her right breast she gently lifted him off and switched him to the left. I could see by now he had his cock in hand and was gliding it up and down his long thick shaft, it was smooth, clean and circumcised. The precum at the tip was starting to ooze out and he smeared some on the breast he was sucking on. Milk and cum mixed together on Sophie and John was also using milk as a lubricant on his hard cock.

I could see Sophie starting to squirm with pleasure on her couch and at Johns request she bounced her breast against each other whilst he knelt in front of that spray. As she kneaded those two mammoth breasts together, John aimed his cock towards them rubbing and catching the head of his cock on those nipples. This sent both of them into ecstasy and within seconds both were spraying each other. John was firing jets of hot sticky cum over those marvellous heaving tits whilst she sprayed the last of her milk over his cock and balls.

Meanwhile I was most pleased with my new recruit and in time she would be working the nursery cubicle, feeding Hertfordshire with her never ending milk.