Fight Night

My girlfriend Dina was away yet again but this suited me quite well, for Dina often worked away and I was patient with her because I had backup in the form of a fuck buddy. Salma fitted the bill perfectly, a single girl living just four tube stops away could easily come over at my request. Salma was a hot Middle Eastern girl, she looked like something out of Arabian nights. Quite a contrast from Dina who was a fierce South Londoner born and bred. Whereas Salma was hot and sultry with the sexiest accent Dina had a mouth bigger than the Blackwall tunnel and a Catford accent.

So here we were again, I was soon licking my lips and making my way to Tottenham Hale tube station to meet the gorgeous Salma. I was already planning how I was going to fuck her and thinking about her juicy labia made my cock twitch in anticipation. There she was bounding up the road and within minutes I pulled her into a small side road off Ferry Lane to kiss her and bury my fingers in her hot snatch. She was soon squirming in my hands and I could feel and hear how wet she was. I brought my fingers out, licking them one by one savouring the taste of finer things to come (pardon the pun!).

We fell into the flat clawing at each others clothing when to my horror sat on the sofa with a face ready to explode was Dina. She screamed and lunged at Salma, kicking her, pulling her hair who was trying to defend Dinas assault. Salma had already shed some clothes and was to cover herself but it was not helped by Dina scratching at her. I tried to pull this spitting vixen off Salma and was met with a reign of blows, suddenly there was a mighty rip as I caught Dinas shirt and managed to tear it almost in two. Meanwhile Salma started to fight back and taunting Dina about not keeping me satisfied. I was surprised when Salma scoffed at Dinas small (but very perky and firm) breasts. Dina ripped off her bra to show her how toned she was, and then I watched in amazement as Salmas breasts sprang free as she decided to show Dina real breasts.

Within seconds the girls were lunging at each other again and I caught a glint in Dinas eye that took me by surprise. It was lust, the anger had subsided and she was hell-bent on grabbing Salmas tits. She flicked Salmas nipple roughly asking why they were so special and then reached down to rip off Salmas panties telling her she was going to inspect why her snatch was so important to me. Salma tried to fight her off but she was no match for Dina. Dina ripped her naked and was thrusting her hands between Salmas legs trying to part them.

Your pussy is wet, you whore screamed Dina, you want to be fucked them, youve come here to be fucked? Then thats what you will get but, from me instead. Salmas eyes grew wide with fright, more to do with the fact she knew Dina meant to punish her rather than being with another woman. Dina showed no mercy and she rammed in five fingers up to her knuckles then splayed them open so Salma was stretched. Salma was fighting to get free, when Dina slipped further in and started using her fist as a dildo. In and out she slid. Meanwhile my cock was straining at the sight before me. This was turning out to be quite a show and after a few discreet strokes, I took my meat in my hand and stroked the hard shaft. However this was lost on the girls as suddenly Salma had grown more than used to Dinas fisting, her head was thrown back and she was moaning and begging her not to stop. She was reaching her hand to slip inside Dinas pussy when Dina changed position into a 69 and pushed her cunt onto Salmas mouth whilst diving her tongue deep into that of her love rival.

Salma opened that gorgeous tongue and that beautiful mouth was sucking Dina into oblivion, the sound of the two women sucking and groaning, immersing themselves into each other. I was already horny from my fingering of Salma when I realised I could access the beautiful ass of Dina. It was time she was punished for her attack on Salma so I showed no mercy as I buried myself up to the hilt in her ass in one go. She cried out as although her ass could accommodate my cock very well she was not lubricated and was not expecting it.

I found my rhythm and pumped for all my worth, I was just dumping a fresh hot stream of cum inside the tight ass of Dina when the two girls cried out and shuddered as they both came. Both faces all wet with each others cum looked up at me and smiled. Both greeted me with a deep kiss and agreed they would share nicely in future.