How to find out if she’s Faking It

Every man, at one point or another, has wondered if his woman has faked it, or is currently faking it. Now don't immediately go into a state of worry and insecurity, having difficulty getting your woman off isn't always your fault. There are so many toys out there that females can have fun with, so it's not necessarily that you aren't doing it right, but maybe simply that you're not doing what she's used to. However, of course you still want to know if she's faking it, so you can fix and change your technique to better satisfy her, right? After all, who doesn't want to make their girl's toes curl and her body tremble... right?

Finding out if your girlfriend is faking it isn't easy, but these little tips will help you figure out if she's putting on an award-winning performance, or if she really is having a body trembling orgasm.

There really is only one way to actually tell if a woman has just faked that thunderous orgasm, and unfortunately, you will only really be able to tell after the deed (or performance) has been done.

If your woman quickly jumps out of bed after a session and starts cleaning or cooking, then the chances are that she may have just faked it. A lot of times, post orgasm, the last thing someone wants to do is anything that doesn't include lying on the bed in a completely dreamy haze.

Realistically after an orgasm, your girl will need a bit of time to gather herself together after experiencing that fabulous rush and also catch her breath. This is often referred to as a "sex coma". Her eyes will most likely look dazed for a few seconds after an orgasm due to the sensation of satisfaction and relaxation. Her face should also look flushed due to the increased blood flow.

If your girl gets straight up after your session and immediately goes into the shower, be concerned... especially if the shower head is removable. Now this one is self-explanatory!

Ultimately, these are simply generic reactions that most women experience after an orgasm but may not always be the case with everyone. If you notice your girl doing any of these things after a session, then unfortunately you can be almost certain that she is faking it. If you find that this is the case, then try asking her if there are specific things that she would like you to do to her the next time. After all, a little improvement can go a long, long, way!