Finding your soul mate

The right companions these days are really hard to come across. Brazilian escorts are one of the few people out there who still believe in soul mates. Some people as sad as it may seem, get married and have children because they believe that by a certain age they should have these things. If they don't have them then their friends and family start to ask them when they are going to settle down and start a family.

Brazilian escorts don't believe in getting pushed into relationships because other people think that is what they need. They get into relationships hoping that the other person will complete them, not just to have children. Here are a list of qualities that have helped Brazilian escorts find their companions in life or should I rightfully call them, their soul mates.

Qualities of a soul mate

They complete you. Now given that everyone's soul mate is a bit different, it means that they will complete you in different ways. The Brazilian escorts say that there are times when they would just look at their companions and they will know what they are thinking or even feeling at the time. Some claim that their sentences have been completed as well.

You don't want to live without them. I know that I am not the only person who wishes that some of the people I met along life's journey I wished I had not met. Your soul mate however is different. When you look at your past life, it was hollow and it seemed as though something was missing. Now that they are present in your life you can't imagine life without them as well as not wanting to go back to that shallow empty place inside. Brazilian escorts use this quality as one of the main ones that determine whether or not they have indeed found their soul mates.

You will always have that butterfly effect. You don't know what the butterfly effect is? Some companions say that the butterfly effect is that nauseating feeling of excitedness, anxiety and nervous love that puts your stomach in a knot every time you think, see or touch the person. Yes I know that men get those feelings as well, so don't deny it. If after six months of being in a relationship your partner still makes you feel this way, then more than likely the feeling will stay. Embrace it and allow it to move you closer to your companions.

Finding a soul mate rarely has anything to do with compatibility it's about being able to appreciate the qualities of the other person and help them grow and flourish into an even better person. Brazilian escorts have told stories where they were with guys that like everything they like and the relationship eventually got boring. This also has to do with what was mentioned earlier with completing the other person. Why can't your soul mate be the total opposite to you? This type of relationship allows both people to come out of their comfort zone which encourages growth in both people and in turn enriches the relationship.

Don't be discouraged by the bad relationships that you have been in, as according to the Brazilian escorts these relationships will help you to really know when you have met your soul mate. Happy hunting!!