Finger with Fingers

Minisha had never made herself cum before with just her fingers. It was always with her toys. She loved using her vibrators, dildos and anal beads on a daily basis to send herself into a back-arching, trembling, toe-curling orgasm. It only ever took her 30 seconds to get herself off with her toys, and Minisha was a pro at making herself cum time and time again.

Although sexually satisfied, Minisha really wanted to make herself cum with only her fingers. She wanted to feel her pussy walls clench tightly on her fingers as she tickled her clitoris with her other finger. She wanted to make herself moan, and not use a toy, she was determined to get herself off, using nothing other than her hand.

It all came about when Minisha was laying in bed late one night and was unable to sleep. She started thinking about ways to make herself tired, and immediately her favourite large dildo came to mind. The only problem? Her sex drawer that was filled with all of her toys was across the room, and although she was unable to fall asleep, she couldn't be bothered to get out of bed.

What's another solution she wondered, as she looked around her bedside table for objects that she could use to fuck herself? There was nothing. What better time than now then for her to make herself cum with her fingers only she decided. As she slid her fingers down her soft, moist pussy lips, skimming over her clit, she felt how wet she already was, excited for the last touch that would send her into orgasm. She began lightly touching and tickling her swollen clit, focusing on the movements and feeling her little shaven pussy.

Touching and teasing her clit, teasing herself into a frenzy, Minisha began feeling herself get closer and closer to climax. She teased herself faster, tickling her clit with her fingers as if they were a tongue or her huge vibrator, her pussy began throbbing and her little nipples grew harder. Getting closer and closer, she felt her breath start to shudder as her pussy started contracting wildly and she shot into an explosive cum-soaked orgasm. Just as she let out a loud moan of pleasure, she slammed her fingers deep inside of her and she pushed herself onto them riding them as if they were her dildo, until every last drop of cum came out of her.

As she slid her fingers out of her dripping pussy, Minisha realised that she had just made herself cum, not only using just her fingers, but also in a record breaking 20 seconds. There was something about feeling her skin and wet pussy that made the experience so desirable.

Although she still loves her toys, Minisha definitely enjoys some one on one time with herself and her fingers.