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Melissa began to explore her body through masturbation at a later age than most. She was only 19 when she started to masturbate, and on one occasion, she discovered the incredible things that her clit, pussy and asshole can do for her. It was a nightly occurrence that Melissa would crawl into bed and begin to explore her body in ways that were all so new to her, and the more comfortable she became with her body, the more exploring she was able to do.

She always got a thrill when she knew that she was home alone. This meant that she could slip off her pajamas, spread her legs wide and truly get into the crevices of her body. Every time she heard that she would have the house all to herself, she would get shortness in her breath due to the excitement she knew that she would experience later on when everyone was gone. She became addicted to getting herself off. She would watch out from her bedroom window as the car would drive off, and quickly, her hands would be down her pants, feeling the moisture coming from her little pussy.

Melissa's favourite things to do when masturbating always involved her anus, so on one particular night, she decided to take her sexual curiosity to the next level. She came extremely quickly at first. After all, she had been playing with her wet little pussy on several occasions throughout the day. But when her body finally relaxed from letting out that initial roar of cum, she was ready to truly give herself something to scream about.

She bent over her bed and arched her back to put her ass in the air. She imagined the view that someone would have as if they were standing behind her. Melissa got up on her elbows and slid her right hand behind her as she pulled her knickers up, giving herself a wedgie. The pressure it placed on her puckered anus felt incredible, and kept them there as she removed her bra. Her nipples were hard and perky, and the cool air of her bedroom felt so good against her.

Melissa then moved her knees up onto her bed and spread them wide as she laid on her front. Her legs were as wide as they could possibly go. She could feel her pussy and clit tingle from the sexual anticipation that was growing. She placed her hands on her tits and pulled slightly on her nipples. She bit her lip from the pleasurable pain she was feeling.

I could feel my vagina and clit tingling even though I wasn't touching them. It felt so good I didn't want to break the spell and I just sat there rubbing my tits and playing with my nipples. She swears she could have cum right then - right there, just from playing with her tits. However, she resisted the temptation and as her pussy oozed out her sweet juices. Melissa placed both of her feet back on the ground in front of her bed. She again, arched her back to perk her ass up in the air but this time, to remove her knickers that she had driven up her ass. They were soaking wet. Completely soaked through as she tossed them to the ground. Her pussy was seeping with cum.

Melissa dragged her fingers through her wet pussy juice and slid them back to her ass. She slowly yet forcefully slipped one finger into her ass, and then two. She groaned at the way she could have instantly peaked and orgasmed. The pain of her fingers excited her, as she entered in another. She had never gotten 3 fingers in her anus before and this was exciting her. With her one arm reached behind her pounding her fingers in her ass, Melissa slid the other down in between her legs and began to flick her clit back and forth with her index finger. The faster she flicked, the harder she pounded. Her toes began to curl as she grew closer to climax, and just as she bent her fingers that were inside of her ass, Melissa collapsed on her bed, letting out the most outrageous sounds as she shot cum right out of her pussy. She felt her cum seep from her hole as her ass and pussy walls clamped and pulsated tightly.

She lay there, breathless... As she removed her 3 fingers from her pussy.