First Timers Welcome

If this is your first time using escort services then there is nothing to feel shy or embarrassed about. Many men and women rely on hiring a beautiful Hampstead escort to fulfil their sexual and physical needs. It is a very simple process with Diamond Escorts as they don't want to make it any harder than necessary. They want you to concentrate purely on your satisfaction so deal with the entire travel arrangements and help find you your perfect Hampstead escort.

You may be wondering how it all works if this is your first time calling. Before you do anything have a look through the gallery and look at all the pictures of the Hampstead escorts. You may have heard stories about agencies using fake pictures and the girl you see may not be the girl from the site. This never happens at Diamond Escorts as they only ever use recent pictures of their ladies. They have hired a professional photographer who knows all of the ladies and regularly takes updated pictures so that you know exactly what you are getting. This photographer doesn't plaster the girls in make up or use lots of airbrushing. He will make the most of the ladies best features and relies on their natural good looks to take great pictures.

Once you have chosen the Hampstead escort that you would like to see just call Diamond Escorts and they will ask you for your address including the postcode. Try to have this to hand, even if you are in a hotel as it means your Hampstead escort will be able to find you much quicker. They will also need your telephone number so that your escort in Hampstead can call you when she is on the way and again when she is outside.

Prices vary depending on your postcode but the receptionist will tell you the exact cost when you call to make the booking. There are no hidden extras and you don't have to pay any more for travel costs. If you are looking for extra services then this is between you and the lady so you can ask to speak to her prior to the booking to discuss any special arrangements.

Let your Hampstead escort know that this is your first time. That way she can be extra gentle with you! Diamond Escorts want to make finding and meeting with a beautiful and sexy women simple for everyone. All you have to do is pour the drinks, change the sheets and get ready for your stunning escort in Hampstead to arrive.

If you have any problems either before, during or after your booking there is always someone at the agency ready to help. Just give them a call at the earliest opportunity even if your escort in Hampstead is still with you. They will then be able to resolve any issues that you may have.