Five Great tips on how to Engage Escorts

When booking Latin escorts, your only thoughts maybe to get them in bed and to keep them there as long as possible until their time with you is over, but what if you tried something a bit different rather than just having sex with the Latin escorts? How about if you actually engaged them in something that leads to sex instead of just giving them the high and dry method?

If you are really interested in engaging the Latin escorts before they enter your bedroom then here are a few things that you may want to try that can lead to better sex. After all, don't you want a better sex life with the Latin escorts?

1. Games. Games are not only for children. There are quite a few games that can be quite interesting to play with the Latin escorts. The best games are those that help to stimulate the situation and the great thing is that you don't have to really go out and buy anything. All you will need is a variety of items to smell, taste and feel and of course a tie to use as a blindfold. Look for interesting things to make the game more fun.

2. Dancing. Whilst going to the club maybe the easiest place to have a quick dance, why not add a bit more class to the affair? Maybe you could take her to a small restaurant that has a dance floor or a small pub. Sometimes just being close and swaying to the music is more effective than gyrating on her.

3. Conversation. There are other topics that interest the Latin escorts other than sex. Whilst it may be the easiest topic to converse with her about, it shouldn't be the only topic. Don't ask boring questions such as "So how long have you been with the escorts?" Try conversations that are a bit more open ended so that the conversation can flow. You can try questions such as "If you had a chance to go to one place on earth where would it be and why?' or "If a client granted you one wish what would it be?" at least this way you will know what she really wants from you.

4. Movies. Everyone loves a good movie, even the Latin escorts. If you dare to take her to see a porn movie, then make sure that it has a great storyline. Whilst seeing people having sex on big screen may turn you on, women also need to make a connection and what better way to do it than with the storyline. If there are good sex scenes then maybe you can act them out with the Latin escorts.

5. Foreplay. Sex is just sex without foreplay. Games are a great method to introduce foreplay into the mix, but not the only way. Other methods of foreplay include touching, role playing and of course using your God given talent of speech. Don't just jump straight into having sex with the Latin escorts, take your time with it and increase her anticipation of wanting it. Be creative.

You don't have to do anything that was mentioned above and simply just book the escorts for what you want - sex. Or you can try a few of these things and build a better relationship with the Latin escorts which will mean better treatment for you and maybe a few perks to go along with it. The last choice is always yours, but it's always nice to have a few options to make the time that you spend with the Latin escorts much more memorable.