Five Things to do the Morning after a One Night Stand

Uh oh! You made potentially the biggest mistake of all one night stand mistakes and fell asleep after you climaxed! Now, you're in trouble. You wake up with a blinding hangover only to roll over and find a (thankfully) sexy babe lying beside you. Do you know her name? Nope! Do you want to? Nope. Do you need her to leave? Yep. How do you do that? This article has it covered. Follow these five steps to avoid an awkward morning spent beside a stranger.

Firstly, tell her you have something that you have planned that cannot be changed. Appointments work wonders. Using this excuse will make you appear busy, as opposed to looking like a complete bastard.

Don't have a morning romp. Confused? Are you finding yourself saying 'Wtf?" to this step? You are not her boyfriend and she does not want to cuddle up or have sex again with you in the morning. She is not your girlfriend and as you're subtly kicking her out in the morning, the last thing she will want to do is start things up all over again. Don't you both just want to go shower (alone), brush your teeth (alone) and crawl back into your OWN beds?

Help her get home. No, you don't have to drive her (nor do you want to) so calling a taxi is usually the easy and most convenient option. After all, it's the least you can do after abruptly waking her up and hinting to her that she has got to go!

Be polite and ask her for last name (and first name if you've forgotten it!).You live in a world of social media and she knows just as little about you as you do about her. Heck, just because you asked her for her information it doesn't mean that you have to friend her on Facebook!

Lastly, get your lazy, hung-over butt out of bed and walk her to the door. Sure, she could probably find it in an awkward stumble around your flat, but it'd be nicer and also faster, if you just showed her out.

Not only are these five tips completely achievable, but they will also give you the best possible reputation that you could possibly have from a wild night of random sex with a stranger. Hey! It could be worse, right?