Five Things to Remember for a one Night Stand

You landed a date night with a sexy girl and although you know you both will never have to see one another again, you still want to impress her between the sheets right? Of course you do! Follow these steps on how to get ready for a one night stand and you will be well on your way to making an amazing first, and also last impression. After all, it is a one night stand.

Shower and groom! No one likes a dirty or hairy man right? Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Discover places you never knew existed with your bar of soap. Do what you have to do to be fresh and clean. Too much effort for a girl you'll never see again? Wrong! Sure, it's a one night stand, but get serious, here!

Think dirty. It's kind of similar to when you have a big sports game ahead of you. You and your teammates pump yourselves up. Well, pump you and your little man up with some dirty thoughts. Feel free to go all out so you're ready for round two, and with the girl not yourself. This will make you last longer, and enjoy the experience even more!

Be prepared and have a condom. You don't want babies or herpes do you? So wrap it up!

Keep it all about sex. Don't share your life-long goals, problems you're having at work or cute stories. You're there to get down to the nitty gritty, not make friends.

Don't get too drunk. Sure, you're nervous and need a little Dutch courage, but don't go over the top. Have you ever heard of limp dick? Have too much and that just might be you!

There are several things that can happen but these five steps will help you avoid the worst of them. Just remember, you're not looking for love. You're just looking for a good time! It's a one night stand and after this one night is over, it's on to the next! Pull up your trousers and get out of there. No emotion, or sensitivity, no cuddling or kissing. Just get your rocks off and good luck!