Five ways to Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life

Adding sizzle to your sex life is something that you may want to do if you have little or no sex life. Things may be a little on the slow side and you want something to get the stimulation or rather the sensation back. Ok so you want some ways to get this done then here are five things that you can do to get that sizzling that you are looking for.

Sizzling tips for you to try in and out of the bedroom

  • Learn to increase your own pleasure

Yes you hired the escorts in Slough and you expect them to increase your pleasure but what if you took matters into your own hands when it came to your pleasure? What makes you feel good in the bedroom? Are you asking for what you want or are you allow the redhead escorts do what they think is best for you?

If watching the escorts in Slough masturbate increases your pleasure then ask her to do that for you. If watching her go down on one of the redhead escorts gets you going then guess what ask for that as well. If you are not sure what turns you on then check your feelings when having sex with the redhead escorts.

  • Try using toys

The use of toys in the bedroom is a lot more acceptable these days although there are some persons who still look at it as though it's taboo. Toys don't only mean dildos and vibrators. The escorts in Slough use handcuffs, blindfolds and some of their clients even use cock rings which allow them to have firmer erections.

  • Chose different venues

Ok so how easy is it to get different venues to have sex with the escorts in Slough? It doesn't mean to go to an expensive hotel or a far-away resort all it means is to change where you have sex. If you only have sex in the bedroom, then try the kitchen or the living room to have sex. If you've had sex with the redhead escorts all over your house already when not take her to a discreet public place and have sex. I'm sure there are a few places that your friends have told you about that you would not mind trying. Change of venue means just that, to change the venue.

  • Do new sex positions

While missionary and cow girl may be your favourite positions why not try something new for a change. Let the internet guide you to the best sex positions for you since there are hundreds of positions that are out there just waiting for you to try. Surprise the Slough escorts by doing something new in the bedroom.

  • Keep an open mind

One downfall when it comes to sex is when you close your mind to the possibilities of what can happen. If you take away all your fears as well as your phobias regarding sex then you would have a lot more fun with the redhead escorts. You may be wondering why certain friends of yours have great sex lives. It's because they have opened up their expectations and they leave the possibility that anything could happen which means greater pleasure for them.

If you use these following steps you are sure to get your sex life sizzling and you'll be ready to experience the best sex that you ever had.