For the Love of the Job

Have you ever groaned when the alarm clock goes off in the morning and actually had to roll out the bed to get ready for work? If this has happened to you, it may time for a job change, no not a Cricklewood escort change, a job change. Being one of those people who get tired of the same routine every day, I decided to leave my job to do something which I truly loved. Its not that I did not like my previous job, but due to circumstances such as other peoples attitudes towards the job, it made my happy place at work very unhappy.

Now as tempting as it may seem to just walk out of the job which I did, you would need to talk over your plans with your wife or Cricklewood escorts One thing that you must understand is that this plan may cause financial strain on the household, especially if you have younger children, so ensure that you save at least three months salary before making your move.

Now the thing about it, is people can spend so much time climbing the corporate ladder, that the amount of money that they make they use it to buy drugs to keep them going and they end up spending a lot of time talking to shrinks. If that is what is in store for me while climbing the corporate ladder, then I prefer to stay broke and happy.

Life is way too short not to enjoy it and what better way to enjoy it than being among the people you love doing the things you love doing the most. Being happy does not always mean having lots of money and fancy clothes or a million dollar house, even though a Cricklewood escort may beg to differ. There is more to life than that. Of course we need money to put clothes on our backs and food in the stomachs of our children, but even though it is essential for our survival it doesn't mean that we have to be unhappy making it.

When you are in a job that you love, it barely feels like work. You are more relaxed, which leads to less stress on your vital organs such as the heart, therefore giving you a better and longer lifespan.

There will be times when money can be tight and you may be frustrated by this, but try not to let it get you down. Press forward, keeping your goals in your foresight. No matter what happens, doing what you love brings happiness and unexplainable joy as well as leaves you more content.