Forest Finger Fuck

After a week at the family cottage, Stephanie and her boyfriend decided that they couldn't wait to hook up any longer. Every time they tried to slip away to get down and dirty, one of her family members would appear or walk in and totally kill the mood. Stephanie's pussy couldn't handle it anymore. She needed to be filled, and she wasn't going to let her family vacation stop her. So her and her boyfriend decided to go out for a late evening drive to get wild in the wild. It was when they rolled up to a dark forest with a small path large enough for only one vehicle to slide through, that they decided this was the place for Stephanie's boyfriend to finally slide his cock into her tight little hole to relieve her from all the sexual frustration she has been fighting through throughout the week.

As they pulled into the path and shift the car into park, Stephanie looked up at her boyfriend as she bite her lip, slipping her panties to the side, giving her boyfriend a sneak peak at what he was about to devour. Immediately, he buried his face deep in her pussy and began softly licking the little pussy that has been soaking her knickers all week long. He started with long, soft strokes of her tongue until he felt Stephanie get ready to blast. He rubbed his index finger up her pussy to get it soaking wet and twirled around her little hole as he began to vigorously flick his tongue on her swollen clit. Stephanie grabbed his head as she grew upon climax, begging him to not stop. That was the last thing he was going to do. Her moans sounded so sweet. Just as Stephanie's breath began to grow short, her toes began to flex and her pussy tightened around the tip of his finger, he threw it deep inside of her cunt as she squealed with pleasure. Instantly, he felt her pussy lips flex hard on his finger as Stephanie screamed in pleasure and unleashed a delicious load of sweet cum all down his hand. He didn't stop licking her pussy until she was fully and completely emptied all over his lips.

Stephanie's boyfriend pulled back from her pussy as he slid his finger out of her tight hole, and wiped the massive amount of cum that had soaked his face. She opened her eyes in complete ecstasy, still struggling to keep her body from trembling from the incredible orgasm she had just felt, and just as she rolled her eyes to meet her boyfriend's, she smirked and said, "Ready for round two?" With one wink at her boyfriend, this flirty little playgirl was far from finishing her late evening drive with a finger fuck. Her boyfriend knew that he was in for a long, cum exploding night that would definitely keep the windows fogged up well until morning.