Forget Me Not

You met a girl in a club last night, you bought her drinks and she gave you her number. Then your favourite song played, you asked her to dance with you, it was a great night, except for one thing, you can’t remember anything, her name, her number, not even the way she looks. What do you do? Nothing. Your brain just screwed you over.

While this phenomenon may be common among men ages 20-40, no one has ever tried to explain why such things happen. And don’t worry guys, just because you forgot the name of your girl doesn't mean you have tumour on your brain, it just means that an interference came up when you were trying to input more information. This condition can be explained by Neuroscience, saying that when you try to remember two different things at the same time, the second information interferes with your brain as such and you have a hard time remembering the first.

This however doesn't imply that your brain has developed limited capabilities, simply put, your brain needs rest with every new information or task you’re trying to learn so it can properly store it and you won’t forget it.

Take for example, the case of London escorts, according to them, most of their clients pause in between conversation with them. Mainly because their brain cannot process two things at the same time. Focusing on what women are saying and trying to impress them by coming up with witty lines are two unrelated things that can disrupt the way your brain stores and holds information.

We all know how embarrassing it is to have this kind of situation arise in the most inconvenient place at the most awkward time. So to avoid forgetting everything, give yourself some time to process things. And here are foolproof ways to make sure that your brain will never fail your date again.

Do the 20-Minute Brain Rest

Studies show that a two-hour break is the best time to let the interference subside but in a world where 2 hours break don't exist, 20 minutes is all you’ve got. Consider this your brain’s way of “power napping”.

Process Things in Order

Another guaranteed way to keep your brain from forgetting anything is to process information in an organised manner. Men are not known for being systematic despite their ability to compartmentalise their lives, so if you try and remember everything in an orderly fashion, you might just be able to recall that girl’s number.


And last but the best way to be less forgetful and more present is to drink brain vitamins, or any of kind of brain supplement. While most men don’t believe in the power of Gingkobiloba pills, drinking brain supplements can make your brain go from average to genius. Now that's a sure fire way to power up your brain without losing your manliness.