Four Beautiful Escorts in a Pool

This year I decided to take a vacation. Now many people decide on their vacation location based on hotel rates, sites in the city or even the food that is served. I picked my vacation location based on the escorts that were there. A friend of mine visited a few weeks ago and he said these women are not only beautiful but they are very, very talented.

Being the daredevil that I am I decided to hire not one, two or three escorts but I decided to hire four. The first one was petit with long black hair and C cup breasts. The second one was a fiery red head, with a small waist and long legs. The third was a green eyed blonde, just gorgeous and last but not least there was a brunette who somehow seemed to the ring leader. I decided to take the party pool side.

I watched as the girls undressed and dove into the pool, splashing and giggling loudly. I threw my clothes in the pile as well and went in. We splashed each other and played marco polo for a few minutes. I enjoyed watching them fondle each other when they were found. I also enjoyed giving and receiving fondling as well.

“We got a live one here girls!” the brunette said as she held my cock in her hand as though it were a trophy.

“I can’t wait to show you how alive it is,” I chided back at her.

She laughed as she swam away making room for the next player.

I walked out of the pool and sat on one of the beach chairs. The girls continued to enjoy the pool and each other. The first one to join me on deck was the brunette. She took no time in covering my cock with her mouth. She used one hand to rub my balls while the other pumped my shaft, her mouth still covering me. I moan and see the other girls coming out of the pool coming to meet us. My cock grew hard as my excitement grew.

I adjust the deck chair so its flat and much to my delight the red head plants her pussy in my face. I suck her clit as I squeeze her nipples hard. I feel another pair of hands on my cock and soon enough another tongue on my shaft. I can barely concentrate on the pussy in front of me as my body shudder. I try to keep it together but the sensation was too much I squirted my cum in their mouths.

I didn’t think it so easy to get my cock up and running again but the girls made sure I was ready in a few minutes. I felt my cock engulfed by a tight pussy and I moan loudly.

“Come on girls let’s make this a night he would never forget,” the red head gasped between breaths.

The girls take turns sucking my cock and getting their pussies sucked. I watch as the girls play with each other’s pussies and suck on each other’s nipples. I could feel the blood flowing hot in my cock.

“Come on big boy, shoot that cum deep inside me,” said the one with the black hair.

My balls were now captive and I could feel my climax rising. My cock stiffened and she rode my harder, faster. I exploded again filling her with cum. She pressed hard against my cock as I pushed up in her as I came. She came off and another pussy was filled.

With every minute that passed our moans became louder and our movements became quicker. There was never a dull moment or a lag in the action. My cock was always covered and my mouth was always filed with pussy. The girls were very eager to please me and to ensure that I remained pleased. I felt as though I was the star in a porn movie.

The girls cheered each other one as I fucked them and filled them with cum. I fucked the brunette from behind while she fingered and tongue fucked the cute blonde. The redhead helped the blonde to keep steady.

“Open those legs baby girl, that’s it that’s it,” the redhead said,“ her tongue, feels fucking good on your pussy doesn’t it.” The blonde girl moaned even louder as he redhead squeezed her breasts and nibbled on her ears.

The one with the black hair sucked my balls. That night a climaxed about seven times and I was beginning to get tired as hard as that sounded.

When I had fucked each girl I lay back against the beach chair utterly exhausted. I opted to just watch the girls as they enjoyed the sensation of each other’s hands and tongues. As they cried out during their orgasms it aroused me again and before I knew it my cock was in someone’s pussy fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“Fuck her hard. Let her know who’s the boss.” The brunette licked her finger before shoving it into the ass of the redhead that I was fucking. She moved it in and out of her causing her to tremble.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me hard, make me cum. That feels so fucking good.”

It wasn’t long before once again we both reached our climax. These ladies were cougars. They didn’t appeared tired or weary. When I thought that they would be tired and stop fucking they fucked some more. My four hours with them was well worth it.

By the end of the night I could tell the difference how their pussies felt on my cock and who was sitting on my face even if my eyes closed because they each had their own unique taste. My vacation days were well spent in the company of the escorts. I plan to visit again in a few months and may I would bring a few friends to tag along for the ride. There is nothing better than a woman who has a tight pussy and firm body who is willing to please you and grant you every sexual fantasy than that you ever dreamed of.