Four Reasons Why You Should Join a Social Networking Site

Nowadays, people (especially those who are living in the city) consider the Internet as a necessity. With the Internet, you can download the latest hits from your favourite rock band. Without breaking a sweat and shopping can be easily and virtually done by clicking the items you like to buy and adding them to your 'online shopping cart'. Video clips of your favourite tennis matches can be watched anatomise and anywhere through streaming. Anyone can instantly set a date with their favourite Chiswick escort with just a few clicks. Teens, and even adults, stay connected and in touch with their friends and acquaintances through this 21st Century craze: the social networking sites.

What in the world is a social networking site, anyway? According to Wikipedia, a social networking site or service is "an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, who, for example, share interests and/or activities." On social networking sites, people, or better called as users, build a profile, which provides information about the user. Users then "add" other users, creating networks of "friends". On social networking sites, people can share links to other websites, embed videos, play online games, post pictures and type in their thoughts or experiences. There are general social networking sites which cater to any people and give usual social network services, there are some sites that cater to people who like travelling or going on trips (foursquare), to food lovers and food adventurers (Food spotting), and many others. Online dating sites are also considered to be a social networking service.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn and Hi5, are some of the popular general social networking sites around the globe. If you think teens and ladies are the only ones who can enjoy this type of online community then think again. Here are four reasons why a man like you should join a social networking site:

* Social networking service is another form of entertainment. Bored to death, no one to talk to, and feeling left out? It's the answer to your problems. You can view the latest funny viral video sweeping the world from your friend's "wall", You can read someone's stupid micro blogging rants and later on realise that you can totally relate to what he said.

* It is the window of modern life. Your life and everyone else's life. Users post their experiences from their recent travels abroad. Some may even start causes online and establish a fundraising activity. You may also type in what you are currently doing. It reflects people's insights, reactions and feelings. You can rant there and virtually scream out your anger, and if you love people watching, you'll love reading their "statuses" and "tweets".

* Stay up-to-date with current issues and events. These sites also provide the hottest news, not only about the disastrous earthquakes in Japan, but also the details about your best bud's upcoming birthday party. It is a good source of information and also a good channel for communication.

* A 2011 survey found out that 47% of adults visited and used a social networking site at least once in their lifetime. Almost everyone is in there, getting into online socialisation. Your neighbour, your favourite high school teacher, your childhood crush, and maybe... your future wife.

Like any other service, be it online or real world, you should always be cautious. Be careful when sharing your personal information to other people, especially if you have just met the person online. Maintain privacy, you'll benefit security and safety from it.