Four ways to Become a Lady Magnet

A lot of men are scared to spend time on dates nowadays because they are in doubt that they can meet the expectations of their dates. Television and magazines often lead men to believe that they need to meet a specific standard in order to attract women and be able to make them fall for them. Getting the woman you want can be an easy task but keeping them can be more challenging. It's not that easy to make them yours for a lifetime unless you do something about it.

Initially, you need to take that physical appearance really matters to men. This is the key for getting their attention immediately. However, you need to keep in mind that women all have their different tastes, and looks don't always really play a huge role in it. Some admire men who are passionate, family oriented, goal oriented, into sports or party goers. Whatever they prefer, keep in mind that you can actually make them fall for you.

Most women are into serious relationships. They don't go on dates for just one-night stands. You need to bear in mind that most women do treat love and relationships as two sacred things. A charismatic personality can draw a woman closer to you. Women prefer men who are approachable, who know how to dish out compliments and know how to deal with women in a long term way. Show how you regard your family well and how dedicated you are to your career. All of these show signs that you are a keeper and that you are up for a long term commitment.

A woman also admires a man who can make them laugh then cry. Crack jokes (not dirty ones, we hope) and pay attention to the stuff she finds funny. You can even develop inside jokes based on the people you know and the experiences that you share. These things can strengthen your bond and make the woman feel like she's very special to you. Now, we know that being funny doesn't happen overnight, so we advise that you try your tricks out on a London escort and have her evaluate you honestly.

Show off that magnetic personality with enough confidence and avoid bragging about your skills, you just need to show yourself as you are and accept it. You can take the "strategic" route and carefully plan equally exciting activities that highlight your strengths. You can also turn the tables around and instead of bragging about yours, praise her for her strengths.

See, the key to become a lady magnet is easy. You just master these 4 key factors and you're good to go.