Gemmas's Ass Victim

Gemma was a dominating queen. She thrived on the thought of stripping a man of their manhood. She loves the idea of making a grown man become merciless at the hands of her beauty and sweet pussy, and no matter how difficult her submission slave may be at first, Gemma always has a way of making the men fall to their knees, begging to get a taste of her delicious cum. So when she arrived at a client's house the other night, she was eager to play the dominating diva that she was known to be.

After short conversation in the hot tub, Gemma lead her client into her bedroom where she was ready to devour all of his needs. She dropped her towel to the ground, revealing her dripping wet body and soaking wet pussy. She laid herself back on her bed and spread her legs in the air.

"Get over here and suck my cunt dry." She demanded.

"Yes, Mistress." Her client replied. The theme of the night was instantly set.

Gemma was already so hot from her client being so submissive that it didn't take long before she came all in his mouth. As she unleashed a delicious load of cum, she grabbed the back of her client's head and forced him to get every last drop. She grinded on his face until she knew that he had swallowed every squirt of her orgasm.

"Lick my pussy clean!" She said, still holding his head tight on her pussy, "And take your time! I don't want any cum left on my pussy. Clean my pussy and ass with your tongue, and do it good." She demanded as she sat back, unleashing his head, allowing him to maneuver himself deep into the crevices of her entire body.

Her client did as he said, and Gemma always rewards her good little sex slaves for their behaviour. She began to stroke his cock with her long, black-painted fingernails. His cock was already ragging hard from the taste of Gemma. She only stopped for a second so that she could tie her submissive slut to the bedposts. He laid there, bare naked, with his legs and arms separated and tied and his dick popping out into the air. Gemma climbed on top of his restrained body and placed her clean pussy on the tip of his cock.

"How does that feel?" She asked.

"Feels great mistress."

"Do you want to cum?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Gemma exited the room, only for a short moment. She returned wearing a strap on, and you could see the eyes of her little slave pop out of his head. Being a straight man, the idea of anything phallic shape intimidated him, but Gemma didn't care. He was a good boy and this was his reward.

"Are you scared?" Gemma asked.

"Yes, Mistress."

Gemma began to squirt some lube on her index finger and walked over to the bed. She slid his legs further up the bed posts, allowing herself to get a peak of his tight little hole. She sat on the edge of the bed, placing the dildo right on his hole. She applied the lube onto his asshole with her finger, and laughed at her slave trying to squirm away from her breaching his little asshole

"Why did you stop you cunt?" She said.

Instantly, her slave discontinued his efforts to try to remove himself from the restraints. He was stuck and his ass was open and there was nothing that he could do about it. Gemma loved it. She slowly but forcefully entered her strap-on dildo into his ass. She watched as his ass clamped tightly onto the shaft of the dildo. She waited for him to relax before she started to thrust deep inside of him, allowing more and more of the dildo to enter his ass. As she fully inserted into him, she watched the pre-cum ooze out of the tip of his penis.

"Good boy." She said as she motioned to his dick, "How does it feel to be fucked by a woman?"

Her slave did not respond.

"Oh, come one. I can tell that you're loving it." Gemma grabbed onto his heads to allow herself to fuck him harder. She stopped for a moment and her slave pushed his ass down on her strap-on dildo.

"Ooh, I knew you were loving it."

He began to really push his ass against Gemma. He allowed the entire thing to go deep in his ass before he started to move back and forth on Gemma's strap on. He was in heaven. He began to breath heavily and groan deeply as Gemma sat there and let him rock his own world with her dick.

"Ready to cum?" Gemma asked.

Her slave moaned loudly, informing her that he was ready. She reached one hand over on top his cock and began to wank his shaft hard and he continued to press his ass down on her strap on dildo. She reached her other hand over to his opposite hip and began to fuck him hard and fast at the same time. She barely removed the dildo from his ass before pounding it back in again.

Within second, his entire body collapsed as he came a massive load all over her hand. Gemma continued to fuck his ass until every last drop of his orgasm was unleashed, and just as he finished, Gemma removed her strap on and stuck her cum-covered hand on his mouth.

"Suck it clean."

The slave refused to open his mouth, so Gemma plugged his nose with her other hand and he was forced to open his mouth and suck his own cum off of her hand. He clicked every drop off, went into the crevices and made her hand look as clean as she demanded. Only once he got her approval did Gemma untie him and let her victim go.