Get Her to Have Dirty Sex

Normally, men are more sexually oriented than women and some of the things men think about can really scare the average woman! Though it may be fun to be on the same level or page with the woman in your life, it is quite hard for some to man up and approach her concerning certain issues. The best thing about having a long-term relationship is being able to share your sexual fantasies with each other, discuss them and try out the ones you are both okay with. However, women are not always ready to reveal their innermost thoughts.

The best way to have your lady have dirty sex with you is to provoke and encourage her. Ask her questions like, what do you fantasise about when you touch yourself? Or tell me something you've always wanted to try.? Such questions will make her open up and start sharing some level of intimacy with you that she hasn't before. As innocent as she may seem, you can still make her lose her inhibitions and open up to you with time.

Start by telling her about your fantasies. Don't start with the really wicked ones. This might scare the hell out of her! Go slow and see how she reacts. In time, shell share her inner thoughts and fantasies. Show a lot of enthusiasm as a reaction. Remember to keep your thoughts as fantasies and not share things you have done with other women. Approach it more as a new thing for the both of you as this will make her think that both of you are starting out on a similar note. Do not act like the expert in the field.

Read erotic stories with her or watch a porn movie. If possible, invite an escort for some ideas. London escorts are pretty wild and enjoyable for bedtime action! This will help boost your sex life as you on the other hand try to make it dirty. In the long run, she may surprise you with her thoughts. This may take time as most women are not always ready to put everything on the table. Once she feels she is comfortable with you then she will tell you what she has in mind. It may come as a surprise what she has in mind and you may find yourself having a very enjoyable time with your lady. Always try and have some inspiration around you, but most importantly, make sure that she is comfortable.