How to get Discounts with Escorts

Everything these days costs money and it is only natural to look for a cheaper way to get something done or at least try to get it at a reduced price. We do this for everything so why not for escorts in London as well?

At Diamond Escorts, you don't have to barter with us to get your escorts at a good price because we have already taken this into consideration. Whilst other agencies may charge more for their escorts in London, at Diamond Escorts we cater to all your needs and that of course includes your financial needs as well.

Let's have a look at the great prices that are offered at Diamond Escorts.

Hourly services of escorts in London are £110-£150. No other agency can compete against our low prices

Discounts are available to men who would like to book longer hours with our escorts including overnight bookings as well

There is a saying when it's nice, do it twice" and this is exactly what Diamond Escorts wants you to do with their escorts in London. A £10 voucher is given to men on their second booking which of course is great incentive to once again be in the company of the escorts

If you are doing a couple bookings you can save a few dollars on this as well

For your total experience with the escorts, we at the Diamond Escorts agency will you give you a discounted price if you books several of our escorts at a time

Please note that at Diamond Escorts we only receive payments made in cash as well as there are no hidden costs! We also don't have cancellation fees as other agencies do.

You might be wondering if what you are reading is true. Yes, it's all true and if you want to experience our escorts in London today just pick up the phone and call now. One of our assistants will be waiting for your call.

We understand the high demand of great quality of escorts in London among our male population and that is why we have decided that our services offered would be open all day, every day. That's right; you can call at 2am and be rest assured that someone would be on the next end of the phone line.

Because each of our beauties has a personal driver, it means that she can get to you as soon as you have made your booking. Escorts usually arrive within one hour after the finalization of bookings.

They say that when something sounds too good that it never usually is. Remember that there is an exception to every rule and the Diamond Escorts agency is it. Get the finest escorts in London and the lowest prices and get the highest satisfaction guaranteed. Pick up your phone and book your escorts now!