How to Get Out Of the Friend Zone

Oh, you have all been there before. There's that gorgeous babe that you want to shag so badly, but you're stuck in the friend zone. You're the one she calls when other guys screw her, and then screw her over. Every guy has been there. You're extremely into a woman but you just can't get out of that friend zone.

Firstly, you have to notice and accept that you're in the friend zone. If you're in complete denial, then there's no way that you're ready to work your way out of this situation. If she is constantly "awwing" you every time you say something sweet, or talking about other guys in front of you, then it's time that you accepted that you are, very, very much in the friend zone.

Now, how you got into the friend zone is what will determine how you get out of it, so here are two scenarios showing how you potentially got yourself stuck in that zone.

When you first meet a woman, there can potentially be an initial spark, and for her too. Unfortunately, if you don't keep that spark lit, that fire is going to be put out pretty damn fast, or even worse, lit by someone else. If you treat her like a friend, she is damn well going to see you as a friend.

The way to get out of this situation is to slightly start to be more romantic and sexually forward with her. If she gets offended... well, it's not like you didn't already know you were in the friend zone, right? Hopefully though, she reciprocates and is impressed that you took control of the sexual tension that was there between the two of you.

Another scenario of how you may have gotten yourself into the friend zone is by asking her to simply, hang out. This is way too casual and she won't get the fact that you're secretly hoping for more. You have now entered the friend zone.

For the future, avoid being titled "The friend", by asking her out on a specific date at the beginning. However, you're looking for help to get out of the current friend zone that you're stuck in, so luckily for you, this climb is a pretty easy one. Ask her out on a more specific, romantic date and see how things go. It will be pretty obvious by the end of the night if you are still in the "f" zone.

Now, if you got yourself into the friend zone with any other kind of scenario, then chances are that you are in way too deep. You can try to show her what you have to offer, but doing so in a non-creepy way can be deemed impossible. Remember, you're the friend... not the boyfriend.