How To Get Rid of The Girl at The End of the Night

You managed to get that sexy babe from the club home with you, you've had your fun, you messed around and you finished all over her tits, but now you want her gone. You don't want to be a complete arsehole in case you want to hook up with her again, but you don't want her to stick around, so how do you get the girl to leave at the end of the night and not come across as a completely disrespectful dick? Well, either way, women are emotional and most will consider you rude for sleeping with them and then asking them to leave, but these tips will help you send her on her way, with a more subtle approach.

Once you have finished and cleaned yourself up, climb back in bed and roll over.

This can go either way. She will either get ready and let herself out of your home, or get comfortable in bed beside you, so proceed with caution when using this tactic.

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. If she does get comfortable with you in your bed, then there is one rule you need to follow to get your point across - ABSOLUTELY no cuddling! This may not get her to leave, but she will definitely understand that you're not looking for love and probably head home early in the morning.

Another rule that you absolutely need to follow at all costs is "no kissing after cumming". Kissing during sex is fine as you're both caught up in the moment, but if you want this girl to know that she is simply a one-night stand, then giving her any lip action once you've finished the deed is going to send her mixed signals, making you look like you have feelings for her and ultimately leaving her there, with you... in your bed!

The plan is however, to not even give them the option to spend the night. Throwing in a line like, "I have to be up really early so I'm going to head for bed!" will let her know that you need her to go, especially if you're in your bedroom together, because if you wanted her to stay in bed with you the whole night, you really wouldn't need to say anything, right?

If she tries to converse, then respond with one word answers or moans and groans as if you're really tired. If she doesn't take the hint, then when you come back from cleaning yourself up in the bathroom, open your bedroom door before you crawl back into bed.

The babe from the bar should definitely understand that she's a one-night stand and it's her time to leave. If she still doesn't understand, then you may have a stage five clinger on your hands... and may have to resort to combining all of the above.

Good luck!