Getting the Most of What You Paid for

Some men don't believe in paying for sex as they can get it for free. But one has to wonder how good your free sex is! What do you get out of it? Maybe a hand job, a blow job if you are lucky, but does she swallow? Is she enthusiastic about receiving anal or getting down and dirty with another chic? No you say? Well guess what? When you pay for sex you get all of that and more.

Escorts in Chelsea are the best in the business. Don't treat them as hired help and they won't treat you as a man desperate for good sex. Chelsea escorts don't think of it as paying for sex, they think of it as paying for dinner and an exotic show.

Let me paint a picture of how a potential date could turn out for you with your Chelsea escort. You plan to meet her in a restaurant, so you leave your name at the front table and let them know that you are expecting a dinner guest. No one has to know what your date does for a living because she's not going to dress like the hookers that you see in the run down parts of down.

Your dinner date arrives and you are happy that you chose one of the Chelsea escorts. Your date appears in stilettos, a little black dress that enhances her figure and of course clean make up to show off her natural beauty. She takes her seat and immediately breaks the ice.

You are so amazed by her that you have forgotten who she is and what she does. You realize there's more to her than just her amazing body and you are most definitely enjoying her company. You can't remember the last time that you ever had this much fun on a date and you aren't even in a hurry to get her to bed.

Upon leaving the restaurant she asks if you can take a walk before going back to your place. You take a stroll and she's takes your hand and holds it as though you guys were made for each other. Everyone you pass along the way believes that you are a couple and would never guess that you have paid for the experience.

Upon reaching your place, being the gentleman that you are, you offer her a glass of wine to drink. You sit on the sofa next to each other and before she finishes her wine she's planting kisses all over your face. You finally capture her lips with yours and the fun begins. She gets up and gets one of the chairs from the kitchen and tells you to sit. She pulls out a whip from her hand bag and the cute young lady that you had dinner with suddenly is standing before you, as a sex freak on legs, oh yeah!

As you are paying you want to ensure that you get your moneys worth. Plan your time carefully so that you don't waste a single minute with your Chelsea escort.