A Golders Green Escort can be Whatever You Want

For this, I do not need a name... I am whatever you want—whoever you want; stranger on the street, friend, co-worker, partner, celebrity. I am who you need me to be. I am an erotic fantasy, a virtual call girl. I am a Golders Green escort and I am here for your pleasure and to give you exactly what you want.

There's a key already waiting for you at the front desk. The ambassador at the desks recognizes you from the times that you have been here before and passes you a flat white placard with a gold trim that you discreetly palm. You have no bags but you walk across the marble floor like you own the place. I'm seated at the bar sipping a whiskey on ice. My little black dress, which was already dangerously short, has hiked up so a hint of my red laced panties peaks out. You sit beside me and order the same, never speaking to me.

When the bartender turns his back I feel your eyes divert to the red lace between my thighs. From the corner of my eye I see your devious smirk and it drives me wild. You know how sexy I find it when you look at me like that. I feel your chair inch closer to mine making a quiet scratching noise across the floor. Your strong hand then being placed onto leg, you begin to stroke my inner thigh. I know you want more so I slightly part my legs and let you tickle the outside of my panties. One finger hooks underneath the sheer fabric and gently grazes my labia. My delicate flesh is teased by your thick skin. I take a sip of my drink the ice clinks the side of the glass. I fish out a piece of ice with my tongue and suck on it, savoring the cold as you tease me.

You turn your body towards me like we are going to have a conversation but your attention is focused on my lips which are painted beautifully for you. You remove your hand and put it on my back to hold me steady, knowing full well that I am yours. The other hand then retrieves another piece of ice from my almost empty drink glass. You hold it to my lips and let me suck off the last traces of whiskey. You pull it out of my mouth and I hope you'll do exactly what you do next. You reach down with the ice and slip it underneath my panties, using your fingers to control exactly where it goes. My pussy contracts, a chill rushing through my body while you circle my clitoris letting the heat of my body melt the ice. You then lower it and push it deep inside of me. You repeat the same process again, and again until multiple ice cubes are melting inside of me. It is so cold that it almost hurts. You slap money down for both our drinks on the bar and walk away. I follow.

As we walk to the elevator I can feel the cold water soaking through my lingerie and dripping down my legs. I anticipate the doors opening and hop in ahead of you, my tall heels echoing in the enclosed space. The elevator is small but it seems larger because of the mirrors surrounding us you stand in front of me and drop to your knees licking the water that is dripping down my legs. You slip the little red piece of fabric to the side and drink the rest of the water now steadily melting right out of my slit. Your warm tongue brings my pink walls back to life but you're finished by the time that door chimes open.

I follow you to the room and wait patiently as you swipe the key. The indicator flashes green and grants us access to the suite which overlooks Golders Green with a wall of glass. I slide the shoulders off of my dress and it falls down around my hips before tumbling to the floor while I walk towards the window. My heels and panties are the only things on my body as I lean up again the glass and look down at the city below. You look at the curves of my hips and wrap your arm around me to cup my breasts. I turn around and drop to my knees. You undo your belt and release your perfect and hard cock. I wrap both hands around it and start teasing the tip with my mouth. I massage the head and I gently graze it with my teeth and smile at you. Slowly I start going deeper before you reach the back of my throat, you moan, and I push deeper until your cock is choking me. I suck in and out in and out until you look like you're about to cum and then I stop.

I want you to follow me into the walk-in shower and I grab you're tie to take you to the bathroom with me. As you undress I get down onto the clean tile on my knees and elbows so you can see my womanly form from another angle, my hips create a heart shape protruding in the air. You turn the water on to watch the warm water cascade off of my curves in little droplets. The water is massaging me and I spread my legs and arch my back so the sprinkles from the shower head massage my anus.

You get onto your knees and rub my ass cheeks with one open palm while you massage my asshole with your thumb. You grab your throbbing hot cock and dip the tip into my soaking slit. You go deeper and I cry out uncontrollably as you repeatedly hit my g-spot with your head. I whimper as you pull your cock out. Your thumb is still in my backdoor keeping it a little stretched open while you take your cock from my pussy and thrust it deep inside my ass. I wasn't prepared but the pain isn't necessarily a bad feeling. My eyes water a little as you thrust in and out with only my own pussy juices and the dribbling water from above for lubrication. I take you in, all of you, deep into my cavity until I feel your cock tighten and you release a hot sticky load into me. When you pull out I feel it trickle out, the water washes it down the drain.

You leave me to clean up. When I exit you're already wearing a robe. I find my dress and put it back on and you approach me to hand me my purse, now full of your money. You pass it to me and escort me to the door letting it click behind me. I smile knowing I will be seeing you again soon.