Great places to have sex

Having sex in the bedroom is so over rated. Sometimes it's nice to think outside the box and try other great places where you can have sex with the English escorts. When the London escorts think about having sex with you, the bedroom should not be the first place that they picture. Remember, sex should be fun and what's fun about having it in the same place all the time?

Here are a few places where you can have great sex with the English escorts.

The laundry room is a great place to have sex. Not only does it have warm clothes that you can have sex on but you can also use the washing machine or tumble dryer as a perch where you can give her oral. Instead of the normal bending over to see what the escorts in London have to offer, why not get her in a different position? Open her legs while she bends her knees, you will be able to get into her a lot more which she would really love.

Another nice place is the kitchen. Just choose any worktop and get started on the English escorts. You can position her bending over the worktop and take her from behind. If you have a table in the kitchen then it may be quite interesting to place a few foods on her and eat them off of her. Escorts in London love it when men take something ordinary such as a kitchen table and turn it into something extraordinary.

Your office at work also helps as well. If you have an enclosed office then nothing is stopping you from making an appointment with the English escorts and allowing them to visit you at work. To everyone else, she's just another client that you have to see. Just hope that you can keep the noise level down in case anyone suspects exactly what is going on behind your closed doors with the escorts in London.

Cars are always a great way place to have sex. Even though you are with the English escorts and you know that you will be having sex with them before the night is over, it does not mean that you have to have sex in bed. Spontaneous sex with escorts in London is the best type of sex to have and English escorts love surprises.

Everyone has had sex in the shower or bath at least once. The best thing about this is that you are able to ensure that the other person is relatively clean before you are having sex, oral or otherwise. You can also have sex on the toilet seat. Ensure that you have a protective mat so that you and the English escorts won't be sliding around the bathroom and injure yourselves. Safety always comes first.

You now have five reasons why you should not have sex in the bedroom. I'm not saying to never have sex there again, but escorts in London love it when the client can add a bit of spice to the sex. So are you going to be a boring client or a client that knows how to have a bit of fun when it comes to sex? The choice is yours.