Greatness Found Under the Sheets

They say that if it's good, it's good. And when your escorts say that it is, then it means you've done great in bed. But just because you're good doesn't mean you have to stop there. Being great requires more than just a couple of strokes and pokes, and sometimes, all it takes is to listen to what your partner wants.

And although sex can be quite intense at times, women don't dig the kind of sex that would make them feel like Jenna Jameson (although she's considered as one of the most proficient in her field). There's got to be some truth somewhere and you've got to be ready to face it:

Her breasts are not a bull's eye target - ample, perky, saggy or average, women don't want their breasts to be treated like a bull's eye target. And although men like to target them like real time targets, women, especially London escorts, don't dig men who touch their breasts like toys, because they're not.

Always compliment her - if you're thinking about how hot your London escort is, stop right there and don't even dare say it out loud. Women say that men who don't compliment their goods while in bed tend to have less impact on their sex with men who do. You don't have to praise her every time, just make sure to say the right things at the right time, especially when she's on top of you.

Don't Skip the Foreplay - if you want to be considered a titan in bed, then I suggest you start trekking through her mountains all the way down to her valley and her untapped territory. A lot of women say that most orgasm filled sex sessions they had all started with a few touches here and there and eventually a lot of kissing. And a whole lot more, without getting into details, better you go down town.

Button is not the only place - often for sex, men tend to hit this spot of a woman right away thinking that women would easily get aroused. But truth be hold, they don't. Women don't engage in sex just for the heck of an orgasm (although sometimes, they do), they do it for something else. For some it's money, for others, it's love. And although we don't want them to sound like they're doing it for something in return, truth be told, it's always a give and take, much like everything else in life. But to go beyond might actually be your best to giving her what she deserves an orgasm not based on your pleasure, but based on hers. Do that, and I'm sure that every woman would want to get you to bed with them.