Guide to the Clitoris

The vagina is an amazing thing and can do even more amazing things if you know how to work with it properly. Quite often, men can get too caught up on one spot, whether it is the clit or the actual hole itself, but there are many more places for you to explore and enjoy on your woman's vagina. Instead of you wandering around like a lost puppy while you're down there, hoping to hit the right spot, this article explains all the things you need to know. Grab your mental note pad and practice on these spots tonight. After all, the more you know about her body, the better equipped you will be to work the hell out of it. Who doesn't want to be a sex God in bed? You do... don't lie.

Of course, everyone knows that the clitoris is the sweet spot on any woman, but most of you probably didn't know that the clit isn't the only sensitive spot. Don't forget about the lips and the G-spot.

When you massage her clit, you are stimulating all parts of her body, and although she may only feel it intensely on her clit, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you're pleasing your girl, inside and out, with one simple touch.

As your girl's clit swells, sensations will be sent to places all over her body encouraging her to scream and sometimes even squirt.

Moving inside to the precious G-spot, this is one part of a woman's vagina that should never be ignored! If you put a finger into her vagina, with your hand facing upwards towards her belly, you should feel a slightly rough or bumpy area. This is the G-spot area, so congratulations, you have found it, which is more times than not, extremely difficult to do. This spot is extremely sensitive so find it and try it out!

After all, a woman's body is actually designed for pleasure. If that doesn't encourage some fun tonight, who knows what will. Explore the clit and all of the pussy, every nook and cranny of it, because now you know, that the clit isn't the only part!