Health. Good Sex, Bad Sex or No Sex

Now here is a 60 million dollar question, and in most cases you are more likely to ask the question if you are in one of three possible emotional and relationship states. Single, Married or going through a break up with a long term partner or for that matter, a short term partner who you are extremely fond of. But at what point do you question your sexual ability and the impact it is having on your current emotional persona? Something our flexible and sultry young London escorts can help with.

Well the answer to that question is when you start to feel an inadequacy in your sexual ability which then has the effect of adding stress and pressure to what was a perfectly normal and flourishing relationship, more importantly the feeling of doubt starts to raise its ugly head. The impact can be devastating causing a partial or total breakdown of that solid based relationship you thought you had.

These can be extremely testing times with the desire to enter a promiscuous cycle where either you or both of you feel the need to explore alternatives in order to quench those worries and fears of breakdown or stalemate within the relationship. The temptation is to stray beyond the acceptable boundaries and fall into the trap of trying something new to rebuff those feeling of inadequacy and failure. This is more than likely going to culminate in a casual and sexually driven frenzy of self admonishment protracted by the feeling of denial and failure which will have the impact of temporarily masking the underpinning problems. You still wake up in the morning feeling the same but with the added attraction of another notch on the bedpost; an interim feel good factor is created but at the end of the day there is very little if any change in your emotional persona.

If you look at the problem with an open mind and are willing to discuss with your partner the underlying issues, then a resolution could be closer that you think. Laying the issues out on the table, something our young London escorts find pleasure in, can inadvertently offer the resolution you have been searching for. In a blinded frenzy of pressure stress and worry, all three can of course impact on your sexual ability and so called male prowess. Obviously the problem is a two way street and you may find your partner feels the same, so talking can do more than help the situation, it can start the healing process ultimately replenishing the faltering relationship.

Arriving at the decision to abstain from sexual contact may mean you need to seek professional help. London escorts can provide this by assisting you to realise that a healthy and exciting liaison is great for you both physically and mentally, rekindling those dying embers of desire and lustfulness. Young London escorts are fantastic for bringing out the best in you, and for that matter your partner, if you are both so inclined to indulge in a shared experience.