Helping her relax

One of the worst things I could ask my husband to do is to give me a massage. Despite the fact that he uses his hands to do everything else so perfectly, massaging just isn't a strong point of his. He would start to massage my back for about five minutes, then stop. This however is such a disappointment after a hard day at work and I just want to share an intimate moment with him.

The thing about massage is that once it is done well, it can turn on any woman. Most women won't come right out and say "I want sex" unless of course it's an escort, so our best chance is to ask for a massage. So if you want something to use as foreplay or just to get that sense of intimacy, then try massage.

Massaging is a skill as well as a process that is easy to perfect once you take the time to learn it. The first step is to get her to soak her muscles. If you have a bath, you can prepare a bath for her around the time she usually gets home. This gives you an opportunity to pamper her in the bath and gives her the time to start relaxing.

When bath time is complete, then escort her to the bedroom and have her lie face down. With the use of massage oil, begin with her feet, starting slowly and progressing slowly up her legs. The reason you should start with her legs and not her back is because the sole of a person's foot has thousands of nerve endings which tend to help stimulate the nervous system encouraging her to, of course, get turned on.

Don't be monotonous with your strokes. You can start with compressions and then work your way to a kneading motion. With compressions you basically use the heel of your palm in order to apply pressure to her muscles. Listen to her breathing, as this will let you know whether or not that pressure is perfect or too hard for her. As you turn your strokes over to kneading you will want to roll the fingers in a back and forth movement as your hands, move up and down.

Here is the good part, try focusing on her pleasure zones just as you would with an escort. A woman's most sensitive areas are her butt, inner thighs that go all the way to her pelvic bone, and her breasts. With these areas, use compressions, then kneading on all but her breasts. When you reach her breasts, use gentle, feather like strokes.

If you are able to follow these steps, before you are finished giving this massage I guarantee that the both of you will be getting intimate between the sheets.