High Class Escorts are the best

There are many traits that make an escort be one of a high class category and it takes time to actually point them out. For London escorts, there is no such thing as an ordinary escort. All of you who have had an experience with one of them know exactly what I mean. To simply put it, all of them are high class. It’s not all about her looks, glamour, and character, the nature of the escort as a person and her principles also matter in the work she does, for her to qualify to be a high class London escort.

Now her personal background. She should be between the ages of 18 – 45 years old and immaculately groomed, well-spoken and articulate. She needs no experience for her to be an escort, only interest and dedication to her work.

A high class escort should be motivated by her inner willingness to go beyond horizons and try out new things without fear or doubt, and she should be ready to share the experience. She is also motivated by the desire to satisfy her partner. She should be passionate and intimate about her job and fulfilling her duties.

She, just like any other escort, charges for her company by the hour. She should be available from an hour to a day, a night or even a week with prior arrangement. Her information should be available on her agency website, with pictures of good quality and clear, true, yet enticing information about her and her services. Considering that some escorts prefer to keep their identities confidential, you may find some of their faces blurred, in a unique way from the camera to keep their identities discreet.

Lastly, high class escorts are there to ensure that you get what you paid for and in a classy way for the ultimate girlfriend experience. This comes with the condition that you respect her boundaries and ask only for what she offers