High School Oral Volleyball

It was a Tuesday afternoon and Deborah was in high school. She was on the girls volleyball team which also meant that she had to help set up for her game, and the boy's games. As Deborah headed into the gymnasium, she spotted her then-boyfriend beginning to pull out the equipment from storage. As she watched his massive teenage muscles bulge from his shirt, she gave him a quick smile and a flirty wink. As he glanced up, he gave her that cocky side-mouthed smile that he does to turn her on. It worked every time.

Deborah looked over to see the gymnasium staff thoroughly indulged in conversation as she headed over towards her boyfriend. She couldn't help but tell him just how sexy he looked all hot and sweaty from moving the equipment around. Before another sexy moment could be wasted, Deborah suggested that they sneak off to the locker room for a little bit of fun. He grabbed her hand and eagerly led her to a surprisingly, completely empty locker room.

They locked the door as Deborah's boyfriend forcefully pushed her up against the wall and began to kiss her deeply and passionately. She could feel his throbbing cock through his gym shorts and the warmth between them made her pussy soaking wet. She dropped to her knees and took his young, thick cock in her mouth, sucking every inch of it until he was at his hardest. Deborah loved the way his long, thick cock felt and tasted on her tongue as he exploded deep in her mouth. It tasted so good she could never get enough, and she swallowed every last drop.

Deborah pulled his head towards her body as she leaned back, spreading her legs, revealing her bare pussy that was now dripping wet. He pushed her onto the floor as he dived head first into her pussy, and fucked her hole vigorously with his tongue. She began to cum as he moved his tongue up to her clit, flicking it fast as he inserted his fingers deep into her little teenage pussy, hitting her inner g-spot with every motion. She screamed and let out a pleasurable moan as she gripped the back of his head, pulling it downward deep into her pussy. She trembled and ground his face into her until he tasted every last drop of her.

Just as she let out her last moan of pleasure, there was a bang on the locker room door and the rattle of keys in the lock. They threw on their clothes and exited out the back quickly and quietly and no one was ever any the wiser about their little session prior to the game.