Hints to get her Gone

You managed to get that sexy babe home with you after your night out and had an amazing, orgasmic and fantastic time. You're ready for her to get going so you can roll over in the comfort of your own bed, fall asleep on your own, and never have to worry about seeing her again, well that's of course unless you want to, but there's one thing stopping you - her! She won't leave and you have no idea how to hint towards getting her to leave. Drop the following hints and she will more than likely go, but proceed with caution because she may think you're a complete jerk after using these tactics.

The easiest thing to do is to act as if you thought she was going to leave right after the sex to begin with, and this is probably true. Does she really want to stay and cuddle? That sounds a little ridiculous. Feel free to ask her if she needs you to call a cab for her, or borrow a phone to get a lift home, she should definitely understand that it's time to go then!

Another option is to get up and begin to clean yourself up as you normally would after a session. However, start brushing your teeth and make it obvious that you're doing so, so the girl gets the hint that you are going to go back to bed. Now, she may think that she's going to bed with you, so as you walk back to snuggle under your comfy duvet, open the bedroom door, crawl into bed and take up as much room as you possibly can. She should get the hint at that point!

However, if you have a clinger on your hands, she might try to cuddle up to you in the very small bit of space that you have left her on the bed. If that's the case, call the dog up onto the bed, or keep squirming around. It sounds mean but hey! If she's 'gotta go, she's 'gotta go, right?

If all else fails, you're going to have to be a jerk and make her want to leave. Throw in some one-liners like, "What's your name, again?" or "Maybe we can do this as a weekly thing"? Is she still not getting it? Blatantly saying to her - "shall I see you out" will definitely do the trick!

Unfortunately, some girls just don't take a hint and you need to very boldly help them to. The reality is, that you've just hooked up, you don't want to cuddle, don't want to kiss and truly don't even remember her name, so now the fun is over, it's time for her to go home.