Home Alone

It's Monday, one of my favourite days of the week, yes that does seem a little odd but let me explain. I'm your typical Berkhampstead bored housewife with a husband who is never home and travels with work. My husband keeps me in a lifestyle but it is very staid, so I relish Mondays when he returns to world of finance and I get my true pleasure.

You see no one can pleasure me as much as myself and that of complete strangers, it may mean I find myself in random locations through the night but I always find a good view. Sometimes they know I'm there, sometimes it's even pre-arranged and others wouldn't even know I'm there. The wouldn't knows are the best as the danger of being caught adds to the excitement.

I spend all day in my local beauty salon making sure I'm tanned, completely waxed, nails and facials. I like to look the part, even though technically some could call me a pervert I'm not your stereotypical man in a raincoat. I'm a lone female who likes driving around the Home Counties on a Monday night looking at others having sex. I'm happy watching lustful affairs, hetro couples, one night stands, girl on girl, boy bang, pretty much anything goes really. The name of the game is I get to come in copious amounts till I'm so sore I can feel the next day when I walk down the street my dirty little secret.

I bet you pass me on the street, looking smart and respectable the wife of wealthy financier, you probably think you know me and come to some sort of judgement based on jealousy but you don't know me. I dream of being fucked so much I have to stake out others having it away, I want to be invited to join in, and I want to take it to higher levels. It's classless I don't care if the coupling takes place in a Ford or a Ferrari the dirtier the better, sex and lust is for everyone. I love watching from behind trees because I can strip bare and rub up and down the rough bark and feel nature stimulating my nipples, I've even fucked myself using branches feeling that texture inside my portal gliding up and down hitting my cervix, there's very little outdoors I haven't gushed to

I love the feeling of the cool night air on my bare skin, the gentle snap of a branch, my breath panting as I touch myself. I love to squirt and get so wet I could be watching you this Monday and touching myself. Maybe you'll know I'm there and accept it, perhaps you're the sort that will keep it to yourself and carry on grinding away just keeping eye contact with me the whole time with your partner oblivious to what is going on. When you come it's my eyes your locked into and you know I'm fucking myself either by hand or a dildo. Every time you have sex in that particular spot will your eyes be scouring the trees on the off chance I'm there again watching you, do you bring new partners to the same spot hoping to catch a glimpse of me. Does the moonlight highlight my pussy glistening, can you see my ivory bare naked pussy in the night sky? Can you smell my sex billowing on the night breeze, do you need any help, would you like me to reach out and suck you better than the person your with?

Maybe your one of the few that I have met face to face and you have invited me along at a pre-arranged time just to watch you, so I can see flesh enter flesh. If the lighting is right I can see the intense pleasure on your faces as you both come. Maybe it's a fetish you have and you're out there wearing nothing but a rubber body stocking or your cross dressing?

Keep a look out for me, when you're fucking around the countryside at night spare a thought for me in that bush or behind that tree. Have some consideration and give me a show, make me have multiple orgasms so you know who that lady walking down Berkhamstead high street is on a Tuesday. Our eyes will meet across the street but you will never be quite sure.