The House Husband

Darren entered the room nervously, doing his final check of the house and making sure in the mirror that he was dressed as his wife would have expected, after telling him to dress smartly before she went off to work. He had clean the house and made supper for her. He heard the car pull up into the drive and starting mixing her favourite drink.

Wendy worked for a large company in Hemel Hempstead as their HR Director and came in looking tired, she flopped herself on the settee and kicked of her shoes. Darren handed the drink to Wendy and started messaging one foot and then the other. Good this felt good Wendy thought, and started slowly to relax after a nightmarish day at the office, Darren suggested going upstairs were he would give her a relaxing massage. Wendy thought yes why not and she got up off the settee and went up to the spare room, were the massage table was kept. She removed her fitted suit and blouse. Then she undid her bra and released her amble bosoms, god that felt good. Wendy then removed her red kickers and was stark naked. Wendy lay down on the couch covered herself with the white fluffy towel and waited for Darren.

Darren came in dimmed the lights and put the CD player on, he then took the massage oil down and started warming it in his hands. He started massing Wendy shoulders and back, then her legs. He asked Wendy to turn over onto her back. Darren again started on her neck and was admiring his wife's breasts which were rising and falling slowly. As Darren got closer to his wife cunt he could smell the essence of women and he let a finger brush against her wet spot making Wendy gasp as he skipped to my other thigh and finished the circle. Darren started sucking Wendy's breasts and her became erect she squirmed under his mouth. Wendy needed more. Her body was aching with pleasure as she undid his trousers and moved his boxers, to free his rock hard cock.

Wendy slipped her hand around his hard cock and felt his liquid already forming at the tip. He moved down to her stomach, nibbling Wendy's sides and licking down her hips. Darren removed his trousers boxers and polo shirt, he them got on top of Wendy, where he parted her thighs and let his breath linger over her well-manicured ming, taking in the scent and watching the wetness spread, down her leg and onto the blanket beneath her. Wendy was delirious wanting Darren's mouth on her hot sex, His teasing was driving her insane with fingers trailing over her thighs, Wendy felt his lips ever so lightly place a kiss right over my sensitive clit. She pushed towards him and he started licking her, first just over my clit, then longer, slower licks and he sucked my clit, driving her wild with desire. He wanted to make her beg for it and laid his tongue flat against her pussy and wrapped his mouth around, it.

She pushed Darren's head back slightly and let two fingers slide into her cunt. When his mouth was over her dripping pussy she was breathless as he sucked her clit lightly. He moved his finger to rub gently over her ass, making she squirm with pleasure as his licks grew more intense. Lapping the full length of her outer lips before using his tongue to plunge between them and lick pussy from ass to clit. He put another finger against her slick opening and slowly pushed it inside.

Wendy felt Darren plunged one and then two fingers inside me, teasing then pulling them all the way out, only to plunge back in. She could feel his mouth bringing her orgasm close and the sensations growing. Darren could feel it too as her pussy clenched at his fingers and pleasure cries became less controlled. Wendy wanted this orgasm so bad and was facing his rampant cock which looked so hard and filling. She reached out and tasted his glistening pre cum and let him see her lick the liquid from her finger tip. Wendy lightly tapped pussy against his mouth. His cock jumped with pleasure so Wendy leaned closer to his cock and brought her pussy quickly up on his face again. This time Darren's tongue was waiting to taste and she felt a rush of fresh wetness. Wendy licked up and down his thick shaft, down to his balls and felt them tighten as she sucked each one gently into her mouth. Wendy was slowly taking all of his cock in her mouth, sucking hungrily and enjoying his moans.

Darren clenched his buttocks and shot a massive amount of cum into his wife's mouth and Wendy greedy lapped it up. He carried on licking her cunt and Wendy opened her legs as far as possible and gave a loud shout as she came with of the best organism ever.

Suddenly Wendy felt famished and asked David what he had cooked for supper, "Pulled Pork" was his reply.