The Human Zoo

Damn, blast fucking car, heap of shit it's broken down again this time I'm stuck on a lonely country road with no fucking phone signal. Thank god there is at least a house in the distance. I decided to take the quickest way, cutting through some woodland. I was crapping myself, it was so creepy and the feeling of dread began to get stronger. I needed to use a phone so I knocked. The woman who answered the door was not at all what I expected, she couldn't be older than 30, her long dark hair cascading over her smooth shoulders. Her face was gorgeous, her bright, mysterious eyes held mine, her full breasts stood out prominently and her upper thighs were barely covered by a short, tight red dress.

"Please can I use your phone? My car has broken down and I have no mobile signal" I asked. I was overwhelmed by the presence of this gorgeous woman, which had my mind swimming with lustful images. She smiled, a knowing smile, as though she knew what I was thinking. "Of course," she said, "come in", I was led to a massive bedroom, the bed large and ornate. She turned to her, a sly grin spreading across her face. "I'm sorry," she stated, "but my only phone is here in the bedroom."

I made the call and couldn't help but notice that I was in a bedroom with this beautiful woman. My eyes glided over her lithe form, the way her smooth legs moved, the elegant curve of her hips, the enticing slimness of her midriff, the way her skirt rode up, exposing so much of her soft, firm thighs. I'd been told to wait several hours by the recovery firm and she presented me with a huge glass of wine. Well I guess I won't be driving anywhere for ages.

She moved her lips and pressed them to mine, my body trembled as her lips were sweet, moist and delicious. I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth. Soon my head came to rest on the soft pillow and for several minutes, there was no sound but the soft, moistness of our kissing as she slowly and completely explored my mouth. Our moist lips parted with a thin stream of saliva connecting them. I shuddered in overwhelming sexuality. I felt her hands slide down my body, down the sides of my full breasts, down my waist and over my hips. I felt hands inside me, exploring my insides, feeling them pressing into my vagina and poking roughly at the thin membrane of my hymen, exploring and prodding. My eyelids became heavier still, and I couldn't keep them open. As I fell into an unnatural sleep, the last sight and words I heard was. "She's a virgin!" she crowed. Her smile became evil, "She's ripe!"

Slowly, I regained consciousness, I couldn't see very well in the gloom. To my horror I was tied down, my wrists chained over her head. I struggled and wriggled against the heavy iron manacles. She then glared down at me struggling; she was now wearing a black silk dress, her body deliciously displayed by the sparse, nearly see through fabric. She gave a cruel sneer to me, chained helplessly to the altar for sacrifice. "The zoo keeper demands a virgin and tonight, we sacrifice you!" With a thin smile, she pressed her lips to mine, her tongue slipping in and wetly caressing my tongue just as her hand came up to slip into the thin, silky, white negligee that I had been clothed in, her hand cupping my breast and her fingers gently pinching my sensitive nipple making me gasp as my body responded to the twin assaults on it. The Zoo Keeper appeared wearing massive horns on his head and a body of massive muscles. My eyes were glued to the spot between his powerful legs, where his massive long penis hung. The sheer size of his penis was bad enough, but the four obscene, slimy tentacles that slithered around it, made the horror worse.

"I have brought you another virgin, my lord. Fuck her good." His massive head gazed down at my helpless form and the luscious body of his servant. "My lord," she bowed her head submissively, "Tonight, I give you my virginal slave Leila to have as a sexual sacrifice. She is ripe, my lord!" For a moment, he just stared at me, his eyes peering deep into my soul. I was to become the mother of his heir, the moment he had waited for throughout the human zoo breeding programme. Without another word, he was towering over me, the heat overwhelming, unbearable. He grabbed hold of my garment with two clawed hands, the fabric searing at his scalding touch. My eyes were flicking between his massive legs, where the four slimy tentacles were obscenely stroking his massive cock, now some eighteen inches of massive erection, covered in obscene green slime.

I gasped in pain and pleasure, the overwhelming heat of his touch, like standing before an open oven, making my crotch heat to unimaginable degrees, my helpless pussy becoming wet with arousal. I was twisting desperately to escape the hideous, scalding touch as he roughly caressed my sensitive nub. My flesh responded, making me hotter and wetter than ever before. He ruthlessly squeezed my clit in a scalding pinch. My whole body bucked as my pussy throbbed in unwilling pleasure.

He reared up, one clawed hand grabbing the massive eighteen inches of his erection, covered in obscene slime as his hideous tentacles reached out. Two of them writhing up my thighs as the other two, growing longer, slithered up my body to assault my breasts, encircling the sensitive flesh as the tips, with an obscene puckered mouth on each, clamped onto my nipples and began to suck with wet, disgusting suction. The Keeper pressed his erection to my virgin opening, "Now, my sweet little virgin, I will take you, mind, body and soul and you will give birth to my son." Without another word, he thrust forward his strong hips and the lubricant of the slime let him slide in to the hilt, tearing away my virginity in one brutal thrust and driving the tip of his scalding cock deep into my unprotected womb. I screamed in painful humiliation as his cock skewered me, as he thrust back and forth with brutal force.

I felt the wet, slimy thickness of a tentacle slip under me and press against my soft, firm butt cheeks. The keeper thrust with increasing brutality deep into her and my body shook in silent sobs as the assault overwhelmed me and the thick, long tentacle slithered deep into my ass with intense pain, easily sliding deep with the lubricant it repulsively spewed out. "Take my seed into your ripe womb!" With a triumphant bellow that reached deep the massive keeper came powerfully, emptying gallons of thick, cum into my womb as the tentacle deep in my ass emptied more deep into my bowels. When he had emptied himself deep, he slipped out his cock and withdrew his tentacles.

I could feel the hideous cum as it invaded my body, my innocence gone as I could feel the obscene slime slowly dribble out of my pussy and ass, both abused holes slowly closing as a new specie was to be added to the human zoo collection.