I’m shy, how do I ask Her Out?

Believe it or not, even the most confident men out there find it difficult to approach a woman and ask her out. It isn't an easy thing to do and the fear of being rejected only makes it much more terrifying. Remember these little fun facts about asking a lady out and you'll be sure to work up the courage you need to head straight to her and ask her for a date.

While you're shaking in your boots trying to awkwardly hide how nervous you really are, remember that a lot of girls, regardless of how pretty they may be, have really low self-esteem. They over-analyse things and are consistently being compared, and comparing themselves to the world's sexiest women, so any attention and compliments paid to them will have them feeling very flattered.

Flirting isn't something that comes easy, that's for sure. If you are trying to flirt, people may notice and it can feel awkward, but then if you're not showing enough interest that can affect your chances as well. So you're stuck in a rut, right? Don't worry. Flirting doesn't mean that you have to touch her arm, wink as you walk away or do anything else that you see in Hollywood movies, just let her know that you are interested in her, before you ask her out and that will often be enough. However, if there is one, and only one flirting rule you must, at all times, live by its eye contact. Look into her eyes! Not the ground, and definitely not at her chest or assets!

Have an idea planned out. If you just ask if she'd like to go out sometime, it gives her room to change her mind as the date draws nearer. Have a specific idea in your mind and a time, such as catching a movie on the Thursday night that same week.

Just because you're shy it doesn't mean that you're unconfident. If the girl doesn't completely avoid you and shoot you down the second you open your mouth, then she's probably interested in you as well. Be confident in who you are and what you have to say, and if you aren't confident in the last bit, then act and pretend that you are. Eventually you will believe it yourself!

Persistence is not always key no matter what people say, and just because she turned you down because she's busy on that specific night, it doesn't mean that she's not interested. Chances are she really is busy. This also doesn't give you the go-ahead to ask her every day of the year, only ask the girl out a total of two times and if she still has plans or an excuse then move on to the next one as she's clearly not interested.

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