How to Impress Her with Your Wheels

Admit it or not but your car could make or break a successful dating prospect and add to what we call the "handsome factor". Virtually anyone has a taste to a good transportation machine and wouldn't mind sitting on it either even temporarily.

Well, don't get us wrong, we're not saying all women are materialistic. No one wants to put a word in anyone's mouth but it's a general statement to humans' classic taste for what's good and beautiful. Not all women would be swayed by it but they won't regret having to ride in it with a gentleman either.

But there's more than the car brand and its price tag that makes women push that "turn on button". So we've talked to a number of women and found out what manners and behaviours they're looking for in men while in their car. Here are some:

1. Chivalry. It may sound too old school but it still works. Women, like men, love to be pleased and you can do this simply by going the extra mile to open her door when she gets out of the car and doing the same when she gets back in. Also, simply walking on the side of the road while you walk along to the car is something that will never go unnoticed.

2. Give it a little speed. While we do not advocate speeding, it's OK to show a woman that you can be quite a man in wheels. Speed means letting her feel a bit of blood rush while pushing your car forward and not making her feel she is hanging on to her seat like she's anticipating a collision against a wall. Adding a "Fast and Furious" flavour to your driving behaviour while driving makes a great impression for your date.

3. Get a grip on your emotions while on the road. Women would love a man who can control themselves in the midst of chaotic road where cutting off and yelling by car drivers would be a regular scene. It's so basic and is expected even when with your regular London escort. Nothing impresses a woman more than being with a level-headed guy brushed with class and who has a nonchalant attitude on the road.

4. Drive with Stick. Don't underestimate those who use cars with a gear-shift because most women find men driving in them hotter than those who go automatic. Apparently, many women find it hotter when men drive a gear-shift because women think that you're the type of guy who's focused and good at handling difficult or varied tasks. Not all women know a lot about cars but they certainly appreciate a man capable of driving classic wheels. It's a plus handsome factor if a guy knows his car so well and can perform basic how-to's like changing a tire, fixing basic car engine failure, and the like.