Infidelity and age gap is there a relationship

Is there a thin line between infidelity and age? Times have changed and gone are the days when older men married younger women. The trend has changed with older women getting married to younger men. These situations have become common in society today and can be attributed to a myriad of factors. However, irrespective of the gender, the fact that there is a huge age gap in the marriage can pose a certain threat to the relationship.

When it comes to the subject of sex drive, there is certainly some discrepancy if the age gap between the couple is just too big. In most cases, older men who have very young wives are not able to satisfy them totally. This can make her go for extra marital affairs in a bid to satisfy her strong sexual urge. The situation is also similar if the wife is much older. She may not be in a position to provide her young male partner with enough excitement in the bedroom which can then lead to them looking out for other options such as London escorts. Research has proved that marriages that have an age difference of fifteen to twenty years will suffer from some discrepancy in their sex drive at some point in their lives.

As the years pass by, a couple that have a very big age gap may end up being unable to relate. The reality is that a generation gap exists which can affect the manner of which each of them thinks and operates. The differences can be noticed in small things such as entertainment, music, reading, favourite programs and such like. Each party may begin associating with people who belong in their own age group and in the process, infidelity may come in.

Notably, when the woman in the relationship is older, there is higher risk of infidelity in the relationship. A woman should take time to weigh up her options before she gets in to a relationship where the man is much younger. This is because the chances of infidelity can stare her right in the face. On the other hand, men should also be careful, though the chances of infidelity is much lower. The challenge of having to deal with a very young girl as a wife has led many men to seek solace from London escorts who provide them with discreet relationships.