Into the Mind of a Man

A true gentleman never reveals himself too often, too soon, especially not with a potential partner. As perplexing as it is, men are just not fond of disclosing information that might be used against them. It’s a defence mechanism and quite a turn-on for some women, actually. So in our attempt to solve the conundrums that go with our relationships with women, we delve deeper into the mind of a man and what he thinks about dating, love, sex and relationships.

Men believe in confidence, as they do with sex. For most men, sex can be a deal-breaker, especially, if the woman makes them feel inept. Men like to think that they are good in bed, even when they’re not. They rely heavily on their notion of confidence, the more confidence they exude, the easier it is to get away with anything and that’s just how a man rolls.

Men are more pressed with the idea of marriage than women. It is highly unlikely for you to hear a man say, “I want to get married”; but men do think about marriage all the time, in fact, more than women do. A man is always worried about his “game”- that looks fade as they get older and the thought of growing old and dying alone is something that is as frightening as dying a virgin.

Men are shopaholics too! yes, just like our beautiful and gorgeous London escorts! This may come as a surprise but we do like to spend money on ourselves too. especially, after a breakup. Buying new gadgets or wearing new clothes makes us cool and confident and brings us back to the guy we used to be before the breakup. It’s our way of saying “if we can spend money on our exes, we can do for ourselves too.”

Men are insecure about everything. You don’t always hear men rant about their insecurities as much as women do but we’re all insecure about one thing or another. Men are by nature competitive and if we feel like we are being threatened, we man up and get our act right- but sometimes it’s just not enough.

Men make excuses to explain their behaviour. Men exhibit a uniquely bizarre behaviour at times and no matter how hard we explain our actions to women, they just won’t understand us. So instead of going through long hoops of explanation, we make excuses.

Last but not the least, men are just men. We do things the way we do, we rationalise things because we can and we will never be sorry for being men.