when jealousy rains

Have you ever felt the tension in the air when you show up among your friends with a hot chick attached to your arm, yes, one that looked like a London escort? All of a sudden, things between you and your friends have changed, not drastically, but enough for you to notice. That my friend is jealousy seeping through the cracks. Let’s look at some of the reasons as to why they would be jealous.

Men love the title Alpha Male, and they try their best to live up to it. Knowing that these Alpha Males want to be the best and have the best of everything that the world has to offer like London escorts, how else do you expect them to react when you show up with this gorgeous babe on your arm? That’s right, jealous. As much as they say they are happy for you, deep down inside they are jealous and their actions show it.

You still meet up with the boys but maybe not as often because you have made plans with your girl. You have moved on to unexplored territories while they do the same thing every week. They are slowly seeing the changes in you that are taking place, whether it is the way you dress or the aftershave that you now wear.

You are in your final evolution stage while they are still in their first stages, which has led you to a new sense of maturity. You have changed some of your priorities and she is helping change you to the man you only dreamed that you could be. Do all these changes affect the times that you spend with your boys? Of course they do, but hopefully they’ll get over themselves soon.

They have no one to count on but themselves, and this is eating away at their very core. They secretly hope to be you one day, but until they can find a woman like yours or closest to her, then they will continue to envy you.

You may be wondering how to deal with the guys if you are faced with a situation such as this? Do what you guys do best, don’t say anything. If you confront your friends, then things between you and them may just become more tense than they already are, so how about linking your boys up with a few of your girl’s hottest friends? Note that this could be a plus for you as well as a minus, as depending on your friends’ level of maturity, this could cause tension in your relationship if your friends don’t treat her friends right. Tread very lightly.